Mobile operations center guide and review! – GTA Online

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In this video I take a look at the Mobile operations center added as part of the GTA Online gunrunning DLC which is basically a driveable truck that can act as a house, personal vehicle storage and customization shop, weapon shop as well as mobile fortress!

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Aatos Piispala says:

Can I renovate it after I've been purchased it??

Cool Guy54 says:

82k subs wow I've been here since 2k

some body on the internet that you dont even know says:

this man is god

2KJ says:

Plz keep making these awesome reviews! Can you review the guns like instead of all of them at once make a review on each mkll

SonicBash95 says:

When you accidently sell the Pers. Veh. Storage Unit with a car in it you can still call it zo you via interaction menu. 🙂

Billy Toufas says:

Do a review on the juggernaut suit

BigWheel says:

lmao the moba ops centre don't got a shower in it though lmao.

SirHat says:

I literaly did the same paintjob for the mobile operations centre 😀

GamingBeach says:

How do you have all that money I spent it all on a bunker and Moc

Zaine Williams says:

You've earned a subscriber my friend…

Doomguy says:

The MOC is useless. You can't launch actual missions that would make the thing useful rather missions that you'll teleport to anyway.

Leksu says:

Yaaa i luv ur vids! They give me some much help in gta 😀 Like if u agree…

noel peinado says:

Is changing the cab worth it?

jjmfrees 123 says:

So my Shotaro isn't gone for good? I just have to buy the personal vehicle storage again?

Alex is the Law says:

Its a shame it costs $2m just to upgrade the new vehicles

mini banana says:

thx I was like WTF do I need a m.o.c. for well i guess i know know.

still gonna get the oppresser

HL3 Confirmed says:

I cant even get in gta online since the update, because it cant load my Character

Jaume Genaro says:

been here since 25k subs >:D

500RCA81 Railfan says:

Dislikes are from MrClickbaitFTW's 8 year kid fanboys.

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