Moment Lenses REVIEW! – Next Level Mobile Photography

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Moment Lenses are the perfect way to take your mobile photography to the next level. Check them all out here:

While they may not be the least expensive lenses for your mobile devices, these sure do a terrific job. The moment lens works with your device thanks to a mounting plate that can be purchased to go with it. The four types of lenses are wide angle, telephoto, macro, and fish eye.


nishant jain says:

Does the mounting plate sticks with the iPhone 7 jet black strongly because on the moment website they said it won't stick tightly with the jet black colour if it works correctly than I am gonna buy them.

The Daily Pursuit says:

I stayed up really late watching/ learning how to edit from your editing videos. Thank you !

anchordaughter says:

can somebody or anybody tell me what would i need to take a clear closeup at night of objects in nights skies?

HaroldColombia says:

How do the mounting plates work?

sebii says:

Hmmm, buy a macro lens for an iPhone, or buy a small camera with macro features for the same price?

TC Conner says:

Why didn't you show an indoor shot from the wide angle lens? After all, you said you were going to use it for that purpose. 🙂

Tech Parental says:

great review David I've been following you for quite a while now I'm glad that you're doing reviews like this

Let's say Wow says:

I was the tenth one to like it

Tyler Wallace says:

, I have a need for something that hands-free so I can take video while I perform repairs and work

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