Mortal Kombat X Mobile. Treacherous Tanya Challenge Review (Lame BOSS Tanya)

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Treacherous Tanya Challenge is live in MKX Mobile. Watch my review Of the last towers and BOSS Battle. Also look at the most beautiful man alive in the intro:) This is one of the lamest challenges in the history of MKX Mobile, but I try to make it challenging:)

Nice Wild girls team:

Best Baraka Team:

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Phenomenal says:

If you read her passive you will see, she breaks her opponents “equipment” not “equipments” on successful special attack.

Burgee Jantsan says:

dude i play mkx mobile and there was no liu kang and jacque briggs in my store but silver jacque became 25% cheaper

ghost hunter s says:

make more injustice2 videos

tony mathew says:

Man I got KLASSIC L.KANG in my first try at an elite pack today😲😲😍😍😍.. maybe NETHER REALM is giving away good stuff to those who stay loyal to mkx players who haven't migrated to injustice 2☺

Kumarjit Pal says:

Don't you have ac in your home

Run Away says:

"Look at that ass"

ridge evan says:

wow that mirror thing was awesome.. nice hard work you do in making mkx videos !! keep up the good work 👍

Scott Skinner-aka-Drake says:

Way awsome bud

Sub-Zero says:

I beat her already. Once my tablet charges up again, I'll beat her ass at Hard Mode

miguel melendez says:

Hey what's the intro song

Charles William Caruana says:

that was the easiest challenge

ManticCircle87 says:

Intros getting funnier every time =)

Spectacular Spider-Man says:

hight tech jacqui wow 3:41

FazPANTS says:

I finished it super easy and got hat trick king Lao and high tech jaqui

Kevin Tran says:

Got silver kenshi on the kard pack

Kevin Tran says:

I defeated her using
Silver jaqqui
Shaolin master Kung Lao
Max fusion sharai ryu
And it took me about 4 try's to beat it

Nicolas Cato Strode says:

Protip: Not wearing pants makes the office cooler. This is one of the benefits of working at home.

sohan hiremath says:

soon she will be mine

Leo Wu says:

Tanya only broke one I tried it. Also love your video.😊

dadibway says:


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