Mortal Kombat X Mobile Update 1.13/ Baraka, Jade, Tanya, Klassic Liu Kang Quick Review

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Hi guys!
Check the new characters in this quick review of MKX Mobile :3
In a little minutes (30-45) I will upload the complete gameplay :3


Kyle Davis says:

How do you have all of these free challenge character packs?

Вормикс LIVE says:

лалки пишите поруски

Alu Nelu says:

Don't exist Baraka Wtf

Arsalaan DNK says:

I Love The Gold Character Of Raiden

doflamingo donquixote says:

WE games Cheat

Ck Olives23 says:

can anyone hack my acc plz :((


how did you get the early access for 0 point

JimboX2006/JO says:

Not a copy too

JimboX2006/JO says:

Lol same photo

ljtDenai ___ says:

How do u get these??!!

Reverse Flash says:

Tanya's 1st move should be called ankle breaker actually

John Parrales says:

si recien actualizaron oy

John Parrales says:

komo isistes para tener a todos los personajes

Elcholo bromista says:

lamentablemente mi celular ya no tiene capacidad y tanto que amo este juego

Gustavo Alcántara says:

Vos tenes la configuración del celular en inglés para que te aparezca el juego en inglés también? Me gusta más en inglés que en español

Gustavo Alcántara says:

Tenés Whatsapp jaja

eliseo sakeo says:

todo lo que ves en youtuve es fake

cinyaca says:

I'm most excited about Jade and Klassic Liu Kang. I've been asking MKX to include those too.. well, Baraka too but mainly those two. I hope they also include Kabal at some point.

xRyuzaky192 x says:

do you have the code of klassic Liu Kang?

Pixel Gaming says:

How did you get the early access for 0 coins?

TOÑO ST says:

Aaaaaay, que emoción!!!!!

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