Moto G5 & G5 Plus Review: Best Budget Phone?

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Haneesh Raja says:

I bought it almost 2 months ago! it's the best phone no second thought.

Sanchit Samuel says:

But does it have a compass? -_-

petunazverev says:

200$ is still to expensive for a smartphone in my opinion. The Xiaomi's or Meizu's 150$ smartphones have a better price/performance ratio.

MarcoLoves360gamer says:

xiaomi mi5 better than this

MarcoLoves360gamer says:

I remmenber when budget phones where 150 or less 🙁

Barack Lasagna says:

Some alternatives:
You can get a LG G2 for pretty cheap, even new and the Snapdragon 800 in it is still faster. Camera on it is good as well, I can't say if it's better or worse.
Also LG G5s on ebay new sell for around $270 if you want to grab one of those. That will be significantly faster than the Moto, but the build quality on the G5 is a bit meh.

Dazai Osamu 太宰治 says:

Could you review the DOOGE x7 plus? I don't know if it's worth it.

Joshua Shiozawa says:

That moment when you just bought the g5 plus last week and a review comes out from a YouTuber that youre subbed to.

FR34KZ says:

TimTim Time 😀

Prash Rad says:

Superb review Tim

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