Moto G5 Plus Review: BEST $200 Phone!

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Thank you guys all for watching!


Barrak Obama says:

She is soo CUTE💖

newfnshow031 says:

This phone doesn't cost 200 so that's false advertising
230 + tax is pretty much 250 for the cheapest one.

VC Kamlesh Aiyer says:

dopey dode do ✌️ nice work 👏

dan smith says:

Palm called from 2009, they want their gesture area back :p

Akshay Patel says:

Which software use for editing???
Tell me plz✌🏻

MorenoTech says:

At 1:45 is that an plugin to Final Cut Pro? If so what is it called?

Ameer m.m says:

Lenovo p2 better

Stephen Palanichamy says:

well explained ,well reviewed ,the camera angles are pretty good! Thanks NothingButTech8 now i got better idea about this phone, gonna promote this video to my friends! hoping many good videos like this about new products in near future on your channel.

oscar De Leon says:

Wow your videos are getting more professional and snappier.. keep it up.. you will be one of the greatest 🙂

Animesh Bagdi says:

I rather choose Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Mario A says:

Great video as always

Rivers says:

You look like Kai…though. Very beautiful woman.

Ahmed Shams says:

The first thing I did while watching the video was smile for a while . I smiled because the content is great , the quality improved a lot and yet it was simple which made me happy . Keep doing this . 😊

ZanderPixels says:

Hey Jacklyn, great video!
The G5 Plus looks a bit bulky, and the way it performs outdoors in sunny weather seems a major let down.
I ran a quick comparison between the G5 Plus and my 2016 Galaxy A5, and I gotta say, for a phone that's almost 1.5 years old, the A5 kinda beats the new G5: it's smaller and slimmer, yet has the same screen size and resolution, but a much larger screen-to-body ratio. Also, the all glass front and back, together with the aluminum body looks much better than what Motorola came up with. And while it can't shoot 4k, the A5 does take some pretty nice pictures with its larger aperture camera.
Anyways, love your tech channel. Your recording setup looks awesome with those pretty lights! Keep up the good work!

Nate Mercado says:

watching this on my g4 plus 🙂

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