Moto G5 Plus Review: Best Cheap Android Phone!

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Alex takes a look at Motorola’s lean, mean Moto G5 Plus — a phone which earns the title of best cheap Android phone in mid-2017!

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Al Rodrighes says:

Suddenly all these phones have huge bezels. Thank you for making me find other phones ugly, Samsung and LG. 😂

Pier Galeone says:

I would hardly call £250 "cheap"

CJ Foster says:

I'm debating between getting the G5 Plus or the Nokia 6 when it comes out just not sure which one

Saksham Lamba says:

Watching this on my Moto g5 plus!

sayak das says:

someone forgot to mention that it doesn't have the compass sensor.

Mazmurel says:

Moto G5 Plus the best cheap android phone, in the west

Tanmay Gandhi says:

I think you forget other budget offerings like Redmi Note 3 & 4

Lars Rye Jeppesen says:

I just got my Mom this phone – she absolutely loves it.
I can only recommend it.. amazing

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