Moto G5S Plus Review: Best Budget Phone?

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The Moto G5S Plus is a strong contender for the title of best budget phone. Delivering stylish good looks, a snappy Android experience, dual cameras, lightning fast fingerprint scanner, and all for $229: this is the Moto G5S Plus review.

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  • Vedraj r.m

    This guy is surprisingly good

  • Nathan SjΓΆholm

    When is NOKIA 8 review coming out?

  • Sean Burns

    S stands for Super or Special

  • Anvesh Shaw

    At 1:42, which headphones are those on the left? The ear cushions look really good.

  • Gustavo Peralta

    Kia optima? Lmao obviously this guy doesn't know anything about cars

  • TheSentinel909

    Wtf this looks nothing more the OnePlus 5

  • Saurabh Shinde

    Good review
    But hated the title. How can u call it a best budget phone when you haven't even reviewd other competitors like Xiaomi Mi A1, Lenovo K8 Note. Xiaomi Mi A1 hands down is the best in this segment.

  • ydn

    wow david imel is back at it again!! love yout new look man!πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Donovan Hall

    He said the speaker lacks bass …..what phone do you know that has a speaker with bass?

  • Anand Han

    Xiaomi A1 is better than this phone I guess

  • SmokeWise Ganja

    Honestly just have Joshua do all the videos man. I sub for him alone.

  • tech guy

    what do u mean "I hope they fix this feature"??? R u suggesting they replace it like what AHEM apple has done?

  • Reshad Abd

    If don't care about stock Android, don't ever waste your money on a Motorola phone, go with *Xiaomi*, very reasonable prices, a huge variety, great specs, the Miui skin on top of Android has some sweet tweaks.
    Probably AA paid to make this video.

  • Jimmy M

    And of course…. we are your source…. for all things…. android.


    That wink though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • EPresley

    idk why everyone thinks the moto g5 is so amazing and like it can compete with flagships and it's an unbelievable phone for it's price. It's design is ugly, the cameras are pretty trash, the screen is just average for the price, speaker is average for the price, there's nothing special about it. The only thing this phone that actually stands out to me is the software since it's close to stock android, and a few things that are just nice, like decent battery and a fingerprint scanner. I'm not saying it's a bad phone, it's a good option at its price point, but it seems like people are making it out to be something way better than it is. Ignore the price and it's a terrible phone, it doesn't look like a flagship, it doesn't feel like a flagship, it doesn't perform like a flagship, it is very clearly a budget phone, a solid budget phone, but its not comparable to a flagship.


    this guy 😀😀 didn't like the review , honestly and u know why.

  • Rizki Alisaptamarza

    No compass sensor

  • Tushar Arora

    How about Mi A1?

  • MichaΓ«l Bonnet

    I like to see micro USB port dead forever!


    I love Moto displayed

  • Deepesh Bhagat

    Bought it, Loved it and lost it after just two weeks..

  • Torrey Ellison

    So no other difference between the G5 plus and G5 S? Beside the camera?

  • Genes Gene

    6hrs of charging?

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Not the best budget phone

  • Damodar Keny

    Android One's Xiaomi A1 is much better.

  • Damodar Keny

    Under 5 hours sot is bad at best.. 4 a phone in dis price range. Abt d cameras.. well I guess Moto is just getting greedy n trying 2 create a market 4 the Moto X scheduled l8r dis year.. Sorry bad phone.

  • Ajisaurus

    It doesn't have magnetometer. At least in my country Indonesia, is the US version same as the one here? CMIIW please?

  • TessellatedGuy

    Imo if you don't need a fingerprint scanner you should go with the galaxy s5, which goes for 150$ refurbished, has a better camera, screen, full IP67 rating instead of "splash resistance", removable battery and can do usb 3.0 which is useful if you're transferring large files to and from your phone and pc. If you get one from a reputable re-seller you can get quite a deal.

  • sarathkumar M

    Hi my moto g5s plus mobile using auto call recorder it only recording my voice only opposite speaking voice not come but im put lords spekars means it recording both side voice.. please help me