Moto Z Review: Four Phones In One

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The Moto Z is unlike any other smartphone you can buy today, with a frame barely 5mm thick and slap-on “mods” that give it crazy capabilities. It also carries a fascinating legacy. In 2013, Motorola introduced a small, modest mobile that tried to redefine what a smartphone should be, and it called it the “Moto X.” The next few years would see the company gradually abandon most of the principles it laid down with that first phone, making the X bigger and more powerful to better battle the Galaxy-class competition from Samsung. For 2016 Motorola (having been sold by Google to Lenovo and renamed “Moto”) has taken its flagship smartphone so far afield of its origins that it isn’t even an “X” anymore – a move equal parts promotion and demotion. I’m Michael Fisher, and this is MrMobile’s Moto Z Droid Edition Review.



MrMobile’s Moto Z Review was based on six days’ trial of a Moto Z Droid Edition review device on loan from Motorola/Verizon Wireless. The Moto Z Droid Edition was not paired to a wearable for this review. Test areas included the North Fork of Long Island, New York; Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor; and Greater Boston, Massachusetts.



“The Ballad of MrMobile” (Mobile Nations, 2016)

“Fashionista” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:

“Smart Ideas” by Julian Bell, available at Premium Beat:


Edward Piekarski says:

Just came across this. Your comments about Verizon are spot on. My phone is constantly switching between 3G and 4G and often 1X. The fact that it switches from LTE to CDMA makes the transition slow. It is impossible to stream video in a moving vehicle. Certainly it's not worth the extra charge to be a Verizon customer.

ThatGirlJuliana x says:

I'm watching this video with a Moto z Droid.

Mustachio says:

Any chance we could get a "How did it age" video for the Moto Z/ Z Force?

Sean Spain says:

Great review!

Tyagi Tyagi says:

I am not even planning to buy a phone and still I end up watching all the videos.

Crazcompart says:

When I needed an upgrade from my much-used Moto G2, and started shopping around for a replacement, the X Pure was actually my first consideration, but with that handset out of production and on limited support, I thought about the new Moto Z – but only a thought after seeing no standard headphone jack and all the rear covers I'd need for extra power and to minimize that excess "camera growth" that rose up from the back end…Not to mention all those other high-priced mods when I'm just looking for something I can throw a case on. slip into my pocket, and be done with it… So I said, "Goodbye Moto!", and eventually went with the HTC 10…

Peter Ford says:

Hey Mike, They did make the x force. Larger battery and a bit more phone. Have you done review on that model?

Kfy Gnc says:

Plz tell me the start tune

_voidz_ says:

I'm still using my Moto X 2015 and it has not let me down!

tase25 says:

This has been great, but I agree that the speakers are too tingy! It almost makes me want to trade phones again

Peter Ford says:

As you said, why not just reconfigure phone to allow for larger battery and throw some really good stereo speakers on it? They can still keep the style and build quality.
I'd love to see a next-gen moto x. .

*Matthew Noneya* says:

But a external battery pack isn't as convenient as having it as a mod/case. Waking around connect to a wire with a battery pack in your other pocket? Rather just have a case/mod. But what midrange phone has battery cases for it?

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