Moto Z Review – The Best Modular Phone!

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Dave2D review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force Droid modular phones from Motorola. Are these modular phones worth buying? Are MotoMods any good?

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  • powermoneywomen PMW

    am I the only one thinking of a fox when I watch

  • Sam P

    dont forget about the super slow updates!

  • Jake Reason

    Do third-party module developers or phone manufacturers need a license to build mods or phones that are compatible with mods? If it's an open standard, I can see other phone manufacturers hopping on. If not, I doubt these will stick around for long.

  • Nomentsoa

    Buy a Moto Z or a gaming pc

  • saliou sene

    Theses are not modular phones. They are semi-modular

  • Sampath Kumar

    can u tell best phone under 20000 with good camera and performance

  • Simple Flour

    Lorraine Day!

  • M H

    +Dave Lee Great review, but can you give samples of sound, image, video, mods, etc?

  • SharpVideos

    Awesome video as always! Looks like there are new Moto Mods coming soon, like this edge notification concept:

  • cod master

    I love this phone

  • cod master

    is there head phone spot

  • Isaac Liu

    No headphone jack… Android sucks! Guess I'm going to have to switch to Apple. 😒

    oh wait

  • killerdude35

    love my Moto Z! I so wish they would make a mod with a physical button interface for gaming. Slap it on the back with a slide feature and have face buttons, a D pad, and analogue buttons.

  • Phillip Fernandez

    This phone is good for survival.

  • T Hh

    how is the g5 a miss but this isn't? i had a g5 and i don't like it either, this is better but still shit. so modular yet so crippled, also i thought you're required by law to state that you have been sponsored by a company when you review a product

  • AL Pasas

    No Audio jack no thank…

  • Murk Ambiguity

    I stopped watching when he said it has no headphone jack….NEXT

  • flowertart plush

    It only wobbles when you dont have the standard mod/back plate/style mod on the phone.

  • koks official

    "Hardcore gamer" lol

  • MrMelgibstein

    veizon,no headphone jack ,clunky adapters.Can you say? "no no moto".

  • César LM

    Anyone who has the Z droid…. Have you noticed the camera gets scratches so easily? Have you dealed with this? Any solution you've found? Thanks in advance..