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Galaxy J7 (USA Link) –

My Samsung phone collection. πŸ™‚

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Alexander Nuk says:

Awesome Note 3 neo I LOVE IT

Anas Adani says:

Galaxy kzoom ?

Timon De Vries says:

You're note 4 runs a custom ROM
I'm wondering what ??

Soufiane Az says:

Oh god you are living my dream !

Matthias M. says:

They should build the A5 with better Hardware and a Full HD Display. I would definitely enjoy that.

Medd ishere says:

Beautiful +_+

Migs B says:

Team Samsung ftw

Abdullah Tharwat05 says:

They look beautiful

peet777 says:

Great collection bro

I Finn says:

Drug dealers can learn a thing or two from Samsung. 😐


I'm going to get the galaxy s4 in May

Lawrence Lepes says:

Cool video! You don't realize how many phones Samsung created until you out them together like that, and you still don't have them all. My favorite one overall is the Note 4. My favorite one in the video for the camera is the S4 Zoom.

bananaboy333333 says:

I had the Gio and the S Advance

Roger Wittekind says:

Thanks for the video and I just found out on Monday my Note 4 has the known focus problem where it will not focus until I bump it against my palm.Β  See:

It is real easy to recreate the problem because all I have to do is turn it off for a few seconds and when I turn it back on it will be out of focus until I bump it again and it doesn't even have to be a very hard bump.

zahid fakhruddin says:

upload your Nokia/Microsoft phones also πŸ˜€

soheil nikandish says:

U should do a video on all of your iPhones

Henderman Games says:

Can we see all of your pre 2012 phones

Cubamus Prime says:

#samsungknights Β are now watching this and pulling a jerk-a-thon…


awesome device

Deez Nuts says:

I want the alpha so bad!!!!!

robsgotbeats says:

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Love you Adrian !!

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