My Updated Boost Mobile Review…”Read Description”

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My Updated Boost Mobile Review!!!
This is my honest and detailed opinion of the carrier Boost Mobile… To hear everything i have to say… even though it’s long. please watch the whole video.

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New Life says:

This is the main reason I don't want to give Boost Mobile my debit card info for auto pay. I'm trying out the service because I just got a LG Stylo 2 for free at Best Buy yesterday and I'm on the $50 unlimited gigs plan. I hope my Boost Mobile experience goes well.

M. Kelleher says:

rmu sounds horrendous. Maybe you should just bite it and go with actual Sprint. LOL it would be $40 for one gigabyte or 54 3.

M. Kelleher says:

first let me tell you a good review and sound like a nice person. However it seems kind of funny to me that you cannot afford a $30 phone bill but I do understand things happen. However I would not say the customer service sucks because of that it's a prepaid company and they expect their customers to pay on time so it's something they're probably not used to. I have Sprint myself and totally love it. May not be Nationwide coverage by AT&T but it feels like it to me because my phone always works when I asked you if it I'm in the city or whether I'm traveling.

Jonathan Quinones says:

great video and review..Ive had Cricket wireless before in the past. I think they have just as bad customer service as Boost. I left Sprint recently and will be switching to Boost Mobile. I think Sprint has best customer service but is very pricey my bill was $110 for one line withe Sprint. Thank you

Djthrowback Newyork says:

is boost mobile good how they download speeds hows the service customer service. is the 50. dollar plan really unlimited dont slow down

Diane Robinson says:

i love boost mobile they have good sevice to me

Serious Business456 says:

CV tech : Customer service is a key part when you can't communicate with someone properly that does spell doom. Thanks for your honesty Bro.

sophaksun1 says:

Only reason I don't like boost/sprint is because of the phone policy. It becomes useless once you leave. even with Verizon there phone come unlock.

highdefinitiondiva says:

you are dead on! i am sure some customer operators are better than some others! i do believe the reason why tmobile and metro seem to be winning is because of this issue and i always have a good experience at metro stores! Since i love the service and the phones, i do not plan to be leaving.

Robert Hughes says:

I agree everything you said there is Good Times Boost Mobile there is bad times Boost Mobile is still a great company

Nicole Mikloiche says:

call your debit card bank and tell them the 35 dollar charge is fraudulent. you will get an immediate credit and then your bank will fight it out with boost. Boost must provide the bank with legit documentation including that you consented to payment. your bank might send you a document where you can provide any details related to the fraudulent charge. all the documentation will go to a bank fraud investigator. the worst that can happen is your 35 $ credit reversal if boost proves it's case. nice thing is that you get credit immediately and stays on the account during the investigation. I've had investigation last 6 months bc banks are flooded with fraud claims.

Lee Troy says:

go to BBB and put a complaint in there on Boost and u will get the main lady that will contact u. that how I had to do it to get things resolved.

Curtis Neilson says:

Boost is good straighttalk will kick you off for nothing

Noosey says:

I get random phone calls from boost Mobile

johnnyx 13 says:

my mom and I have Boost mobile, and I love the 4g LTE and my phone and it's the Alcatel one touch Elevate, and on the day I got the phone and my mom switch from metro pcs to boost mobile and umm the dude was there was very nice and cool, I love the phone and Internet, phone talk, the only thing I don't like about the phone is the storage I mean it's 8Gb but it only give you 4 but I only have small about of storage space but it's good enough to download some apps but I wish I had 8Gb's, btw the day we pulled into boost mobile and I went in I really thought I wasn't going to leave Boost mobile without a new phone lol and awesome video dude ­čśÇ

Martin Rose says:

can you do a video lg tribute 5 vs lg volt 2 video

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