NBA 2K17 Review for Apple iOS and Android! – The Best NBA 2K Game Yet

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NBA 2K17 Review for Apple iOS and Android! – The Best NBA 2K Game Yet. Watch this video before buying the NBA 2K17 for Android or iOS.

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Jael lyons says:

One thing i noticed was that im unable to jump for offensive rebounds and its really annoying is anyone else having this issue?

Ty Trigga says:

how to put back dunk ??? anyone knows ???

Jeremie De Guzman says:

Is theres a multiplayer ?

GAMINGwithBART says:

i just bought the game. the rostor never updated. will it update by itself?

GAMINGwithBART says:

when you buy the game does each year 2k free for mobile? i bought 2k17 for ios will iu get 2k18 for free>?

Purr Traffic says:

Hey nice channel!

We're just launching our our channel and like what you're doing. We could no doubt learn a lot from you. Keep up the great work and we'll be keeping an eye out for some more of your videos 🙂

Deepak and the team at Purr Traffic

HaganeGinga says:

has it gotten better on android? I own a s7edge. it's 2017

Anfernee Neal says:

This is an offline game for anyone wondering. But, it's very fun

Juanetta Ivy says:

when are they gonna update android 2k

ItSeann says:

On my lgg3 I have game commentary and all that stuff, your androids must be Rachet

Henry Fillo says:

why would they care about android version, androids are for poor people who are too ghetto to get a iPhone which are indisputably superior

matthew gabio says:

i cant find the social media bro can you help me ?thanks

i moses says:

I'm view #13,000!! Great review, Linus!

Mojan Viana says:

How do i get endorsement??

Sports Fan says:

Who else thought he was gonna dunk in the beginning

Jomer Estanol says:

sir can you tell me how to perform a dunk?

Brenden Pereira says:

is this game online or offline

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