New Nokia 3310 Unboxing & Review – I Got Scammed :(

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The New Nokia 3310 Is Here! Unboxing & Review of 2017 Nokia 3310 Reboot. Only one thing, I was scammed yet again 🙁

$99 Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone:


Aakash Tuteja says:

it is not a Nokia phone because the camera is not in the middle and the led flash is not on the left side of the phone bro

Dmytro Slyusar says:

you new that

JP B says:


SavageHobbit says:

3310 do not have a cam… and all I know think of it like we think of dinosaurs 🙂 extinct XD

Hardik Poonia says:

i am feeling sad for you bro!!! hahaha but don't worry ,you'll be okay.

Travis Moore says:

Bamboozled again!

Braden Nicoson says:

But does it have the shutter bug???

sounak mallik says:

this doesn't even deserve to be called 'dummy' of the original 3310…just a plastic crap!!!!!!

Death Hawk Gaming says:

I'm i bit late let me tell you a joke



Donald Duck.

Bejay Cabeguin says:

ohhh soo sad😢😢😢 better luck next time..😀😀😊😊😘😘

ronaldo cr7 says:

im from malaysia, im so sorry for you

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