Nextbit Robin Review – The First Cloud Phone

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The Nextbit Robin is the world’s first cloud-oriented phone. A comprehensive review covering build quality, internal hardware, screen, camera tests and performance.

Are cloud phones worth it? How is this different from Google Drive or Drop box? Who is the Robin for? Is the Nextbit cloud useful?
Watch this video to find out! =)

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Semi Con says:

I feel like they could do a much better job and compete with latest flagships if they have a second try for another newer gen device.

mamali the freeman says:

u the best nice voice and u cool

Ruby Marlene says:

For some reason i think of the portal voice saying "nEXtbit RObin"

UltraDarkGaming says:

Dave! Will you review the PGS lab when it releases later this year?

Kaigudragon FTW says:

But is it better then my iPad mini 3

hompalai says:

It snaps in half 🙂

Gregg Wayling says:

Did they style the phone to match the colour style of your videos?

Gavla Tennis says:

Nice idea but why don't people just buy a 128gb microSD card? They're cheap, offer good speeds (get a U3 card) and lots of capacity. Will be ALOT faster than cloud transfers.

Kerryl Voitehovschi says:

It is not a good phone, because it breaks like a plastic toy.

Complextro says:

Phone ahead of its time 🙂

Abirbhav Goswami says:

Cellular data has gotten quite cheap over the last few months in India with the introduction of Jio. 28 gigs of LTE data for 4 USD! Yeah, seriously, it's nuts!

Mikhail says:

how do u do thos animations

Chamudi Shalabi says:

Where to buy it ?


can u give me robin because I want to try it

Moreno says:

I was just scrolling through his channel and thinking about the robin and it was awesome when I ran into this video

Chillaxed2DMax says:

I want one but no SD card support..

sujeet kumar singh says:

waiting in india….? any guess when they are going to launch it in india?

Jake Goh says:

For everyone who cares, it's $145 on amazon right now. For a $145 phone, this is NUTS.

Sabastian Sheehy says:

Show the new update

MrRiggyRiggs says:

love this phone! great phone!

Timothy Weatherspoon says:

169.. right now on amazon… a steal!

Ashish Jena says:

link for skins?

Murder_ Party says:

watching on a robin right now

xBane_ says:

watching this on my Robin, it was on sale on Amazon for 170$… love it. best phone I've ever had.

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