Nokia 3310 Review: The Perfect Smartphone?!

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Turns out the Nokia 3310 = the perfect smartphone. I swear.

The wallpaper:

Video Gear I use:


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Appex says:

like to instantly die

Kevin Lfy says:

My very first mobile phone is Nokia 3210

Appex says:

giveaway the 3 phones

VideoDeadGaming says:

Better for making actual phone calls than ANY smartphone

Faris Amri Aznor Suandi says:

what!!!! old nokia 3310.

Allan Kipper says:

Reviewing Sony Xperia X1 is nice, if this old phone review still works. 🙂

Bestestimes Videos/Tech & More says:

yes please, more old phones

saaleem panhalkar says:

do a nokia n70 review

EyesofNova says:

I wanna see the Nexus One review.

Lenard Long says:

hahaha love it. yes more old phone reviews please

N3ggy says:

😂😂😂😂😂… Best Ish ever. You should cover the Sony Ericsson T10. This is Proper.


hey, MKBHD can u make videos of chinese good smartphones like vivo or meizu or xiaomi

kimberlee533 says:

I have so many old phones that I could send you.

svnelvn says:

This phone has an always on display. Many phones 10 times its price don't have this feature

max aqib says:

plz mkbhd made a review of Xperia xz premium. plz plz plz plz plz.

Hyper Asad says:

April fools be like…..

Dionis Bajrami says:

Nailing the wallpapers as always!😂😂

Cameron McKinley says:

April fools

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