Nokia 6 Review

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The Nokia 6 marks the comeback of the Nokia brand under HMD Global. This is our full video hands-on review of the Nokia 6.

Written review here:

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dew garcia says:

Kuya help naman po how to acquire Google play services for Nokia 6. 😭

Malik Bilal says:

love nokia But Nokia (Lanucher)😣😣


This might be usable on knocking off attackers. I will definitely buy this

Commanche says:

I am looking for a phone camera that performs well in low light environment, seems like Nokia is not the one 🙁

Damiana Dias says:


schnitzel pack says:

Im not interesting Nokia but interesting in you. LoL thanks for good review

Rayhan Islam says:

Does it support OTG?

Full chill says:

how much will it cost

Ayan Bhattacharya says:

has nokia google play store??? #yuga

Gunther Central Perk says:

Nokia lost me at IPS

//Anonymous\ says:

Is it worth it to upgrade to this from a lg g3(the battery life SUCKS)

John Abella says:

I am so late for this review

alupihan says:

I'm disappointed with the battery capacity but the camera seems very good.

Devid Rana says:

wooow… hihihi… walau sedikit agak aneh tapi saya suka nonton video ini

Joeduard Barrientos says:

Kelan po labas dito sa pinas?

ByteMe says:

The camera is scratchproof

Anandhu Skumar says:

awsm review plz cut the tune

ZiisusChrist says:

bottom bezel actually being big helps when you have capacitive buttons. No accidental home button presses etc.

With my Oneplus one i constantly accidently hit home button and it's annoying.

colour ads says:

3000 mah battery 🙁

tavo maldonado says:

Nokia 6 vs Moto G5 Plus

sheeno818 says:

When will it be available in the Philippines?

Avik Chandhok says:

is nokia 6 support google play store and good play services?? from where to install applications in nokia 6?

cell khan says:

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