Nuke Bacteria on Your Phone – UV Phone Sanitizer Review

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This device claims to be able to sterilize your phone and kill bacteria using UV light. But how well does it work? I decided to test it out myself.
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The PhoneSoap is a device that uses Ultraviolet light to sanitize and sterilize your phone, claiming to be able to kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. In this review, I test it for myself, and do a science experiment to find out how well the PhoneSoap can kill phone bacteria. I used petri dishes to find out how much bacteria was on my phone before and after using the phone sanitizer. In the end, I did find that the PhoneSoap clearly worked, and was able to kill basically any bacteria that was on the phone before.

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Valentin Nicoara says:

Did you use the same swab for all of them? I can't see you changing them…

Evey777 says:

Great advice. Are the UV sanitizers doing what they say and kill most bacteria? I hope to find one for children.  Any recommendations/knowledge? blessings,

Bruno Novello says:

fun fact: if you mod these to turn on while open you could make a skin cancer gun :3

John Frank Stoops says:

I was expecting you to be using one of those devices where you swab any surface you want, then put it in the device and it gives you a reading of the bacteria count, though as you mentioned yourself I believe, the results in the end speaks for themselves regardless of if you used a device to get the results or not. And thanks for reviewing this product, I have seen it before and was skeptical to how good it actually was, and didn't want to buy it because I have a tight budget. But now that I know it works, I might consider buying it 🙂

ijulianv says:

Thank you for getting all sciency on this. Lol. Much appreciated because this answers the question I was asking after viewing all the other reviews.

Official LOLGamer says:

It came from SHARK tank

Steve Sheehan says:

It would be interesting to see the difference a simple Iso Alcohol wipe would compare for the case vs the UV light.

Matt Merrill says:

Can I tan myself with it?

Mr Megeladon Man says:

Only clean freaks will buy this

Spider Pig says:

Or you could just wash or wipe the phone/case with hand soap/alcohol wipes.

Kronos0316 says:

I'm confused i was of the thinking this is the comedy channel.

FearFx says:

stop making real videos

Verty says:

Who the hell is this afraid of bacteria to buy this?
I hope you don't enjoy any fermented foods, or yogurt, or literally everything you touch and eat.

RiniK says:

if thought you meant bacteria from nukes XD

Braybro 9 says:

That was a cool invention almost like the iPhone fan plug in before is screwed my phone up pretty bad,but I did get it fixed so that's good.

alex mercer says:

is it valid in india ?😂

Steve Kimber says:

Ever notice you come down with a cold or worse after going out to eat at a cafe? Well try your test on the table…

Richard James says:

Or simply wipe it with an alcohol prep pad…

Thomas Grantham says:

My science mind is yelling this entire video saying this is not a actuate science experiment


Really bro your getting desperateNow

Punjabi Boards says:

Cell phone case – Removed.

xander schmidt says:

yeah I wouldn't put the note 7 in there with UVc light and charge it just sayin

king nehemiah says:

i thought this was a joke now its for reals thio joe …….

sorgan 71 says:

0:03 more than 5

Carlos E R Pimentel says:

What a useless stupid thing. They are going to sell millions

teetehi T says:

thats a phone tanner

Micheal Taño says:

I wonder how I ended up watching this video.

Chen Vannlydeth says:

I dun enjoy ur videos now since u give up on doing fun fake tutorials. I might unsubscribe soon if I find more not-fun-to-watch videos.

Steven Wood says:

OMG Your not talking pish anymore


Chander says:

I just wanted to say I love your new none troll videos they are really interesting and fun to watch keep it up man. 🙂

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