Oaxis InkCase i7 for iPhone 7 – Review – A second screen!

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself how much the back of your iPhone is wasted space, well, now you can put some good use to it. The Oaxis InkCase i7 gives your iPhone 7 a whole screen back there, although just a e-ink screen, it’s amazing for reading books and articles without affecting the battery of your iPhone.

You’re also able to display pictures on the screen, although just in black and white, the 480×800 resolution still does a really good job in detail. There is a widget mode as well that displays the time, calendar events, reminders, and your health stats but requires a constant connection to your iPhone to stay up to date, which means it will drain the case’s battery life quicker.

Otherwise, it’s rated to have an idle time of 5 days, but I was getting around 3-4 in my tests – this is when you don’t use the screen at all.

It’s got a thick lip around the screen and although their BubblePro Technology sounds fancy for impact protection, it’ll do well with short drops, but I wouldn’t be able to trust it with high drops, as you’re now dealing with 2 screens to protect.


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King_lyan01 says:

Man your vids are amazing brooo. I was wondering if you can send me a nice iPhone 7 case. I have a jet black. Pleaseee

leonardo green says:

Nice vido and nice editing as always keep the good work πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”

JunkionMarnot2005 says:

Hey, is that a bunch of pics of Sara Jean Underwood? Niice!

Anyway, another great one in the bag.

Hayden Frase says:

For 7 plus I would say a evutec would be good to review

Jack Rhodes says:

Itd be smart if they made a dock that charges both at once

Raisul arifen says:

$129 for a iphone case fuck no!!

Pokemon Unlimited says:

Is there anyway i can get a free iPhone? I'm stuck with an iPhone 4 until Christmas

TheGerardo Plays says:

Can I have a any iPhone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

jonah travisano says:

A well done video… doesn't seem like it works with my Kindle app so it's not worth it to me.

LoboChefe says:

I have to say your editing skills are simply amazing and well used for this kind of videos. Very original!

TSS NCS says:

awesome job

Ivan Liu says:

Send me a Spigen Tough Armor Tech for iPhone 6

Dhruv Khandelwal says:

Sir why a video after such a long time

Bhavik Singh says:

How does e ink work where it doesn't use power until the screen changes

alwaysLittleEs says:

14th person to watch

Alpha Adeeb says:

And why the f*ck should I buy this when I can buy a battery case instead ??

Bhavik Singh says:

Nice but it's crap compared to the EYE case. Request a prototype for the EYE case.

TechTonicByte says:

The cases you review are so cool. Great editing as always.

Dandre Perry says:

Loving these vids bro! Please keep it up the edits are on point also!

youssef zouhair says:

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