Obama Phone Review

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This is my review of my new Obama phone that I just received about a week and a half ago in the mail. It has a small size, decent sound but is, as all government assistance phones are, is of low quality. Call reception is poor, but it’s still a good phone to keep on your person and to use as a back-up phone.


Optimusjack89 says:

Hey guys, here's my second Obama phone review. Check it out: https://youtu.be/A49De-F8osQ

MikeyMacky says:

Get a fucking job you asshole. Obama phone!

Sasskitten says:

How does it fair with games apps from google play like Destiny Ninja?

Animal Ramos says:

How I do I get one

dabmotha says:

All you need is a flip phone to get a job! I used a flip phone forever and I was making six figures legally with my military retirement and turning wrenches. This is embarrassing to all brown people.. another brown person going out of his way to prove to the world that he in fact is a NIGGER!  Youtube Chris Rock Black people vs Niggaz he explains it in a simple but funny way. Two phones living in poverty, says nothing about using it to get  real job. The straight off the slave boat  mentality is alive and well within this fool. Its sad that I think he really doesn't know that he's wrong and making a fool of himself. This one of the reasons I believe having children should be a privilege not a right!

Rick Deckard says:

Or, alternatively, you can pay for your own fucking phone like I did instead of demanding the white tax payers fund it. That way you can get what you want.

Optimusjack89 says:

Subscribe to my channel folks 🤗

gotohell gotohell says:

so you said you already have a phone .

gotohell gotohell says:

suckers ..its a scam to get you all to support obama ..suckers 😂😂😂😂

ludacz cz says:

Complete idiot

Sean Chaney says:

We have just implanted a probe into you…..enjoy your phone!

Dave Jarrell says:

Donald J. Trump phones will be shut off soon. i dont wanna pay ur damn phone bill for you

Anthony Palumbo says:

The only phone that should be given to these people is a no-frills flip phone.

Lil Dache says:


APPLEPRODUCTS043 Appleios says:

That's an Alcatel one touch Pixi elite

JacobryanHawk says:

how to get it

JacobryanHawk says:

how to get it

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