OnePlus 3 Review: Killer Flagship

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To break the OnePlus 3 review down succinctly: this is a very compelling Android smartphone. I wish OnePlus could have held on to the bold, rebellious industrial design that characterized its freshman effort, but my Android Central colleague Andrew Martonik is right to say in his own OnePlus 3 review that the phone is “all grown up.” This device is a combination of very compelling features and very few compromises, in a package that’s substantially more affordable than the flagships it tries to topple. Best of all, you don’t need to jump through a lot of hoops to buy one. Join me for the OnePlus 3 review by MrMobile!


(This review was based on nine days of usage on demo hardware provided by OnePlus.)

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Laxmi Kandel says:

whats its price

abdullah roomy says:

The Killer Flagship?
yeah absolutely

Michael Holmgaard says:

Im am stuck between this and HTC 10 -which one should I buy? 🙂

Ali Shareef says:


slkkalum says:

glad i found you man!!!

TC: GameInfusion says:

The answer is four.


2 sim card slots but no micro SD card slot? Hmmmm?

Sarim Mohd says:

It costs 1,300 here in saudi arab

Ralph Theodory says:

Hey Michael! I have a oneplus 3, they recently sent an update bringing 1080p 60fps that brought incredible video stabilization. give it a try!

oliver eissler says:

reiview the honor 8 and do one plus 3 vs honor 8

chltmdwp says:

Mr.Fisher needs better haircut. He most often needs texturized cut.

ocrapitzalex says:

I need help guys… should I get the oneplus 3t or the sony xperia Z5?

彧彧 says:

god knows how awesome he is

AJ Espinoza says:

What song is used in the beginning?

Damian Moehamad says:

can i use it in south america

Amogh Jhamb says:

I'm buying oneplus 3t next week.Hope it doesn't disappoints.

Carlos Santos says:

So Michael you think its better to get this one than the Honor 8?

שני בר אילן ד says:

is thet ssunde talking to crainer ???????? 7:06

stathis christofas says:

i wonder what Mrmobile believe between HTC 10 & OP3T

Affan Khalid says:

0:17 does anyone know the name of that game?

Fabricio Beninkoff says:

I've had a bad experience with this phone. Especially on Oxygen OS 3.2.7. Bad reception, dropped calls, widgets not working properly. the camera is mediocre at best, extremely disappointed with the 30 fps @ 1080p recording. Can't wait to buy either the new Pixel or an iPhone 6s I would NOT recommend this phone at all.

Fiete F. says:

love your voice!

Amit verma says:

thumbs up !

Jose Liera says:

I am writing this from the future today is November 5 and I have tried to purchase a oneplus 3 and they are out of stock

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