OnePlus 3T Review: Is it Still the Best Phone for Under $500?

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Dbrand Skins: Here’s my review of the OnePlus 3T. The successor to the OnePlus 3. It may have the same design but what’s inside has slightly been changed to provide better battery life and a smoother experience. Watch for my full review!

OnePlus 3 Review:

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David 265 says:

Guys is there anyone who is using one plus 3t from 6 or more than 6 months. Is the phone is gud or got some issue? Please tell me about your experience s with one plus 3t .

Wilson Chong says:

Great phone. Used it for a few days and it's just amazing.

Clous von says:

5.5 inch pentile 1080p screen…… thanks

Derek Santa Ana says:

Should i get this one or the huawei p9 plus? Price isn't that far from each other anyway.

Josh Sotelo says:

did he really just add the awww effect in the begging of the video…. grow up lol

Simon K. says:

Worth upgrading from the oneplus one?

Pacmann1337 says:

Bought one a couple days ago, should be here on Thursday. Can't wait. I'm going from iPhone 6s Plus to OP3T

Mohit Jain says:

oneplus is never meant to be a budget phone.. this is the company who wants to enter the premium segment.. hence its just creating its brand value right now increasing the price and using different strategies. i bet you all that in few years its price will be as high as samsung note series.. can not go to iPhone's price level haha as its way too much… but yes.. it will soon cost more than $500

BBOY says:

"Is this worse 40$ more?"
Really Niga?
40$ its nothing for that good upgrade

MarkX80 says:

TheLegend27 has the 3T 😂😂😂

Exodus says:

I've been rooting to get a OP3T since it got released and i'm so pissed off that it's gonna take me so long to get one that it will surely be outdated by the time i manage to get it

Junito Lopez says:

Funny how others critics noticed the bump in the battery life, lasting almost two days worth.

myCousinVenny says:

I recently purchased an iPhone 7 Plus but I'm thinking more and more that maybe I should swap it for a OnePlus 3T 🤔

Kamran Malik says:

sir great video what screen on time you get

Jack Walls says:

Makes a 5 minute video titled "OnePlus 3T Review: Is it Still the Best Phone for Under $500?" .
End answer…idk…really? XD

петър йорданов says:

top phone…love it !!!

spbxl says:

shit review

Owen Cheung says:

i come from one plus one than lg g3 becauae my one plus one stuff . i am geeting one plus 3 t

Carmelo Santana says:

hell yeah man, end of the conversation.. I'm still waiting for mine lol

Floo Me says:

Idont know why but im waiting my phone for 26 days maybe it will take more than this and still watching OP3t reviews for almost everyday ..

off-white says:

What does "i dont know, let me know what you think" mean ? Is this a review or are you trying to tell me i should know better than you.
New youtubers that are trying to grow their channels are really trying to please everybody my god.

Akhil Kulkarni says:

op3 n 3t have great displays please stop complaining about them based on the technical aspects…display is one such aspect that can be judged n experienced by looking @it ..not @the technical aspects

Christian Adams says:

I bought it and I love it. It's the best value. As a phone junkie whose had all the premium phones, this is my favorite. I'll settle for 1080 if it means solid performance, zero lag and personalization. Yes it's worth every bit of $40 more. If this phone had a 1440p screen it would be a true flagship killer.

Michał Smyk says:

great phone but the camera is not flagship. It is average and nothing more.

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