OnePlus 3T Review

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The OnePlus 3T is physically identical to its predecessor aside from a new gunmetal paint job, so it has to rely on small bumps in processor, camera and software to stand out against the OnePlus 3 it’s replacing. Do these improvements make the OnePlus 3T worth its $40 price increase? Does it still beat out other smartphones in its class? Are you quick enough to catch a sly “Mr. T” joke? These questions and more answered in MrMobile’s OnePlus 3T review!



MrMobile’s OnePlus 3T Review was produced following nine days with a OnePlus 3T review device on loan from OnePlus. It was tested on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston and paired with a Pebble 2 for 50% of the test period.


OnePlus 3T:

OnePlus Travel Messenger Bag:

OnePlus Dash Charge Shirt:


“Electric Matrix Live Wallpaper”

“Device Info Live Wallpaper”

Others from the app “Backdrops,” also available in the Play Store:


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

“Mind in Motion” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:

“Beach” by JAM Studio, available at Premium Beat:



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WarnerTechCorner says:

Should I buy this or wait for the next oneplus

Nathan Donnelly says:

Bit of an upgrade from my Samsung S5230…

Greg Black says:

This is way better than any $800+ smartphone !!! icrap

Danial Sheikh says:

So im looking into to buying either the oneplus 3t, the lg g5, lg v20, or the s7 edge. Only thing about the 3t is the display and camera arent the best. And i have found many listing for the the s7 edge at around 400$ which is around the same price the 3t, but is running sd 820 aswel as the v20 and the g5, but the lg phones also have boot loop. Im coming off an lg g3 which i loved! can you guy please help me decide??

Mr Markovich says:

htc 10 or 1+3t????

mcseport says:

Does this works on Verizon?

My Latest Review says:

Hi Michael Fisher,
I really like your Youtube Channel. It is fun to watch. Your videos are great.
Please keep up the good work!

tsitas tsitoulis says:

TOO expensive.
LeEco Le Max 2 cheapest snapdragon 820 smartphone! 1/2 the price of oneplus 3t

Mathew Gerreyn says:

You are the definition of perfection. I love to listen to a review with a great voice and great video. Great job @mrmobile

BigRafTV says:

Would you still recommend this phone in March of 2017?

Edison Rios says:

Yo Michael you're one of my favorite reviewers. Do you think we really need wireless charging since ready the dock is still connected? Also, do you think IR blasters should be brought back in future phones? I personally do think so because for me, it's a critical feature because I lose the tv remote a lot. Anyway man thanks for your videos and stay honest please. Best, Edison

Alex Vasile says:

what app is that from the wallpaper at 1:40 ?

Robert Rule says:

So I decided to go with this phone for my yearly phone upgrade. Being that I'd no longer buy phones from carriers. I'm very happy with this phone. I limited myself to a $500 limit which included accessories which seemed to be just fine being that 64 gigs is all that I really need and because I am not a big camera phonetic. I don't take a lot of pictures I leave that up to the wife. I'm more of a gamer and Tech phonetic so the extra RAM and higher end processor means more to me than camera quality it does fine when I need to snap a quick pic. I'm really looking forward to see what OnePlus has to come in their next iteration. I would also like to say thanks for your great phone reviews it helps me and find and recommend a great phone since I seem to be the goto guy for tech advice within my circle.

XB: ArrowRik12 says:

You sound like Robert Downey Jr sometimes

meanold Bean says:

so did they fix the issues with the screen staying on and other bugs when it updated to nougat? and is it worth the extra money for the 128gb 3T over op3? I ask cuz the difference is about $100 at this point. thanks.

Rodrigo Camacho says:

What is the smart watch with e-ink that you had on in the pictures ?

Sathvik Purushotham says:

Watching this on my OnePlus One!😭

Amit Srivastava says:

Bro…I wanna know that my budget is about 30k..Oneplus 3t is the phone that comes in my mind in this is worthy to purchase it??? Because lots of are coming & Samsung is giving water resistance phone i.e. A5 2017 & it has the same cameras of 16 & 16 of front and back. so….what do u suggests? Where should I go? Samsung. Oneplus or else??

Manny carrasquillo says:

I love it when u show pictures of my city 🙂

Manny carrasquillo says:

I live in Boston and I never seen a oneplus in the wild.

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