OnePlus 5 Review

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The OnePlus 5 is the next phone in the family formerly known as “flagship killers.” Like its immediate predecessor the OnePlus 3T, the OnePlus 5 is better described as a “killer flagship,” with top-of-the-line specs packed into a very affordable package. That’s OnePlus’s game, after all, and the company plays it well. But does its focus on camera quality justify the slightly higher price tag – and will you be able to tell it apart from your friends’ iPhones? Take in the OnePlus 5 review above to find out, and then hop on over to Android Central’s full OnePlus 5 review to learn what it really means to “never settle.”



OnePlus 5:

mStand by Rain Design:


Light Cube:

Supernova Sphere:

Light up bluetooth speaker:

Borg cube rug:


MrMobile’s OnePlus 5 Review was produced following 14 days with a OnePlus 5 review device provided by OnePlus. The phone was tested in Greater Boston, MA and Pensacola FL on T-Mobile US. It was paired to a Casio WSD-F20 smartwatch for the duration of the review period.


Android Central’s OnePlus 5 Review:


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Debangsu Sarkar says:

Am extremely disappointed with OnePlus. They were in the enthusiast market and now they are alluring the iPhone wannabes

WisMicYal11 says:

I'll stick with my S8.

Ashish Kuliyal says:

awesome review ,,mr fisher

avinashrai11141 says:

I think oneplus 5 is priced much higher than it should be. For $150 more, money can buy galaxy s8. benefits of going with s8 are
1. S8 – display is much better.
2. Ip68 water and dust proof.
3. Better camera with much better Autofocus.
4.Design that really standsout.
5. Gear VR compatibility.
6. Expandable storage.
7.Irish scanner.
8. Other Samsung goodies like heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, DeX.
9. Samsung pay.
10.wireless charging.
11. Better Screen to body ratio.
If none of aforementioned benefits matters for you then you can buy this copycat.

ben cherian says:

ah I sense of breath fresh air after coming from some fake praising OnePlus. #MrMobile don't get your reviews swayed by the guys paying you. we love your reviews cos feels genuine… You forgot one thing there is no Innovation in this fone

awais ahmed says:

I wish they would have gone with a bezeless display with no buttons upfront and the finger print scanner on the back. The specs are great the design choice not so much.

Giriraj Mangal says:

paid review ….. where u mention the missing specs that are available in high end phones …this is simply a replica of well know smartphone

RationalLllama says:

The phone looks ugly. I wish it had a design similar to the HTC 10 or Galaxy s7

Hunnit Thou says:

until they up they res meh

KING 8 says:

this it the first review I'm going to see of the 1+5

Sam Weingart says:

Whoever put on your screen protector did a horrendous job, Michael

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