Oppo N1 Review! (Cyanogenmod Phone)

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The Cyanogenmod Phone: Oppo N1. Bigger than you think!

What is Cyanogenmod? http://youtu.be/uQyRDqnr0FM

Oppo N1: http://en.oppo.com/products/n1/#main

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5



Shivam Raj says:

very nice smartphone

Kiel Enrique says:

You know what? They could have put the speaker grill on the bottom bezel. Shame.

Jeremy Chua says:

That's what she said before its was a meme

Jack Anderson says:

His videos have improved sooo much

Martin Grillo says:

Like watch this vid man, keep it up, proud of you

Ankit Singh says:

invoavitaite phone from 2013 oppo n1, htc one, nokia lumia 1020 galaxy edge lg g flex, lg modular phone, moto x with moto mods but apple was just did fingerprint scanner even huwei did pressure sensitive screen and huwei p9 or p10 but apple did not make any innovation after iphone 5s

Siddharth Keswani says:

if you watching this in 2017 hit like

Eddy Nelson Lopez says:

2017 and Cyanogen is no more 😭

Orfeas Droop says:

What happened to this phone?

Manish Mahey says:

Sagar mahey oppoA37

preyal khan says:

ye ketna ka hay

Purz Rei says:

psst hey ya ya you guess what…


Mr. A Jr. says:

Rip CyanogenMod

Kymuel Bautista says:

"HTC one made the same mistake putting fingerprint on the back" ohhh well

Farhan S says:

who else watching this video after CyanogenMod shut down? :((

peace gamer says:

lame specs… whose gonna buy this shit… better to go for op3t

Ian Hoswell says:

This phone is like the spiritual predecessor to OnePlus phones, which would make their debut the year after this phone, in 2014.

Linus2014Cougar says:

The beginning of an error… #RIPCyanogenMod

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