Osmo Mobile Review! Moondog Anamorphic, iPhone 6. WOWZERS!

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Best smartphone gimbal by far, the Osmo mobile. I tested it on its own, and with the spectacular Moondog labs Anamorphic Lens (for the iPhone).

The last part showcases the anamorphic video quality at the AZ State Fair. Unreal that this is coming from a phone.

I rate this as the best iPhone video/film kit.

Osmo Mobile Amazon – http://amzn.to/2dY7C34

Moondog Labs Lens – http://www.moondoglabs.com/store/

Much more at: http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2016/10/13/the-dji-osmo-mobile-and-moondog-labs-anamorphic-lens-wow-video/


Steve Huff says:

Thanks everyone!

Fred Vasquez says:

Awesome video again. Do you think that lens will fit Iphone 7 plus ?

Benjamin Kham says:

sorry for my ignorance, but is that lens just the same as a $20 wide angle lens on amazon? I've never heard of this "anamorphic" term

sha zhu says:

thanks for the setup recommendation, I'll try it out

Leica Dad says:

Thanks for reviewing

BananaChipzzz says:

Great video… Lose the minecraft music though šŸ™‚

arrshyan says:

i think the image quality is better on your phone

arrshyan says:

just buy an android phone with an SD card slot fixed. Dont buy apple.

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