Our New Phone Mount – Install, Review and Some Awesome Trail Testing!

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We’re stepping up our film game with the addition of this Double Ball Base JK Mount from 67 Designs! This video takes you through the quick install before embarking on some on and off-road testing. *Spoiler alert – it passed with flying colors* If you’re in the market for a phone/tablet/GPS/camera/WHATEVER holder for your Jeep Wrangler, we HIGHLY recommend giving this company a look!



Kevin England says:

Looks like a great product guys 😊 Grace for the next intro you may want to make cue cards for Jarrett so it don't take as many takes to get it right lol 😄

Fenianboyo says:

Great vid! Long time no see! I have an idea…..do more! lol

Dan Rigsley says:

They do make 1080P dash cam.

TSS NCS says:

Hey, amazing video

Civilized Delinquent says:

Would you recommend the 6spd in the wrangler?

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