Ourtime X01S Smartwatch Phone REVIEW – Android 5.1, 2MP Camera

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The review of the Ourtime X01S Android Smartwatch.

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The Ourtime X01S is a new smartwatch that can take a sim card and connect to some 3G networks. It is made out of metal and it also has a camera. Even thou it claims to have a heart rate monitor, it doesn’t, it actually uses the camera to measure the heart rate and that isn’t the most accurate measurement.
Aside from that it has GPS, bluetooth and anything else that you would find on a regular smartphone running Android 5.1.

Display: 1.54 inch IPS screen
CPU: MTK6572 Dual Core 1.3GHz
System: Android 5.1
Bluetooth: V4.0
Camera: 2.0MP
SIM type: Micro SIM
Feature: GPS, Gravity sensor, Message, Calendar, Waterproof (IP67), Heart rate measurement
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
WCDMA: 2100MHz


Ut Guc says:

Is amoled good or LCD is good

The Origami Bird says:

Are there any smart watches that you can use as a standalone phone. I mean I have HTC One M9 but I'm trying to make things simpler.

Jimmy Bodine says:

I do you turn down or up the volume????

Yo Ananada says:

does it have an acceleromter?

Syamim Sopian says:

is this watch support pressure and temperature sensor ?

mihai andronic says:

Thank you for advice. The watch is fit properly in the charger. And is charging. But while is charging I can not use the phone. When charge is full and disconnect, the phone works well.

mihai andronic says:

hi. I bought one and is not working whe is charging. Pop up charging battery appear and did not ley me to operate the watch. If I insist , the watch is blok and restart himself.

Frederico Fonseca says:

Can you answer to a call on it if someones call to your phone? I mean, with the watch connected via bluetooth to the phone, can you answer the call?

mujotomi says:

Good video and comment section. After quickly reading the comments I hope I didn't miss something – so that there would be no repetition … I have a few questions:    1. Do you maybe know if this fake leather strap, as you called it in the video, is the same as: http://www.gearbest.com/smart-watch-phone/pp_378244.html  ("Nano silica gel calfskin strap")? I mean, it looks like it but I wonder if there is some mention of it in the X01S's manual. Namely, I am "allergic" to nano technology …      2. Camera supposedly have 2 MP but on your video I saw 4,9 MP (at 5'41"). Do you maybe know if the data 4,9 MP is for the interpolation?     3. Is metallic frame of steel or aluminium? Thank you and other commenters.

DutchBoy 2015 says:

I have this watch , I rooted it and installed a number of apps from my Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4, Everything works flawlessly. The speaker is clear and loud. Phone calls are clear and loud. I don't even take my NOTE 4 with me anymore. because I have everything I need on my wrist. Great phone/watch for the price.

Esdras Rocha says:

Hi brow, thanks for the video. Is the sound loud and clear?

porki porki says:

tell me in this watch 3g gsm sim work or not

porki porki says:

tell .e gsm 3g sim work or not in it

Gaurav Pasi says:

link plz to buy this watch

Nikolaos Beratlis says:

Does it pair with a smartphone and what kind of tasks can be done when paired?

Yousef Dawod says:

it have sensor when move your hand to show clock ?

candal candal says:

please, I need the stock rom Lollipop. thank you

JustAnotherYouTuber says:


Thanks for the great video!
I have a question, just to make sure before I buy it: Do you know if I can download Sport app (like Runkeeper for instance) and use it on the watch?

Thanks again!

Dario Gemmaillij says:

Do you have to download a app in order for the watch to sync with your phone?

Steven Johnson says:

Watch arrived.
Great build,very good for making calls,battery life good…that's it!
Doesn't connect via Bluetooth,watch keeps switching off when on wrist,time keeps changing to a slower time no matter how many times i reset.
To much hassle to take it back as it was purchased from abroad.
I was so looking forward to this device.
I'm very disappointed and would not recommend.

Pablo Mettler says:

Ourtime s01x mar del plata arg

vaim vaimov says:

Has it vibro call function?

Gigi Ipaq says:

OK, that clarify why not. Do you know other model that will work on Telus? Thank you

Gigi Ipaq says:

Telus operates on 850/1900MHz, and the X01s has 850/900/1800/1900MHz why will not work on telus???

Gigi Ipaq says:

Do you know how to make it work on Telus?

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