Pixel 2XL Review: Decent Phone, Kind of a Mess

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I grabbed the Pixel 2XL and have been using it for a few days now. I know it’s been getting beat up some for its screen (the blue shift is real and a lot worse than on other Oled screens I’ve used including the V30, which also has a P-Oled screen. I have no idea what happened, but if it’s as simple as Google cheaped out on the panel and they’re still charging flagship price for the phone they should be ashamed of themselves.

The Pixel 2XL just doesn’t add up to me. It’s a nice, simple phone–almost boring. Its well built and I like the design. The speakers are nice. But the screen, the headphone jack removal, at that price all just seems like a giant Eff you to customers that have been really supportive of the company.

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    Would you buy a phone knowing that the screen was kind of messed up?

  • Mega

    I used the s8 and the pixel 2 (small variant) at Verizon the other day, and I gotta say, the pixel was so much smoother with the same internal hardware..what does Samsung offer on their phones, that really works well to a degree that I'd use it without thinking it's a gimmick, that would sway me from buying the smaller pixel? (I want a smaller phone; I live in a city and find it easier to use smaller phones out and about). I can't think of a single feature that outweighs stock Android, considering it's Android, and if you understand even the simplest stuff about the operating system, can be modified to your heart's content anyway. Written on a godforsaken Galaxy s6.

  • Damehuri AD

    more like iphone fanboy review than honest review.. everything feel cumbersome because he already got used to iphoneX.. smh.. glad I didn't subscribe

  • pakorman

    nice honest opinion! plz, never change like other reviewers.. they are more like advertisers than the reviewers.

  • Lee Taylor

    Another great honest vid Jason. In answer to your question, yes I would buy it to try for myself knowing the issues it apparently has. I had a play with it, (a few times now) in Carphone Warehouse, and while I could definitely see the blue shift, it really wasn't an issue to me as I could only notice it on a white background.

    Also, stock android seems great for people coming from iOS (like myself) who are bored and want to dabble with something else for a change. Samsung's look so god damn confusing with all their features that I wouldn't know where to start lol. Their hardware is fantastic though, gorgeous design!

  • Mohannad Kattan

    This phone looks cheap the only thing that saved this phone was the camera and the voice of Apple haters.

  • DjDestinyChicago

    I can’t imagine anyone being excited about a phone that isn’t Samsung or Apple. No one can beat them.

  • Pyle Driver

    Well well. JTL just helped me scratch another pile of garbage phone off of my list.

  • Pyle Driver

    Well well. JTL just helped me scratch another pile of garbage phone off of my list.

  • Justin Fisher

    @jasontlewis, I'd like to know what you're basing your thoughts about the headphone jack on. What Bluetooth headphones or earbuds have you tried and how did they fail to meet your listening needs. I use the Jaybird Freedom F5 Bluetooth earbuds and they are exceptional. They offer some amazing features not found in any other brand's offerings. Perhaps you might consider doing a review on Jaybird X3 or Freedom F5's.

  • Pulkit Anand

    This channel is now one of my favorite channels! Love the unbiased reviews 🙂

  • Nipun Sharma

    Very good points. Google thinks that only the camera is enough to sell this phone. That’s targeting a very small user base. Yes, everyone likes a good camera on their phone, but that is not the only thing they’re looking for.

    You were spot on w regards to the software. I had the OnePlus 2. It too ran an almost stock version of android and was heavily praised for it. I couldn’t enjoy it much. It was too bland. Samsung with its feature rich phones can become overwhelming but they still attract the most buyers within the android os pool base. Moreover, both iOS and stock android have been absorbing quite a few features from Samsung’s touchwiz. Split screen multitasking, picture in picture etc.

  • Ray Missle
  • Ray Missle

    What an idiot Apple fanboy. Glad this dumbass got scammed for trying to scalp an iPhone X.

  • Jstevensdk7

    I own a Pixel XL, I will never ever buy another Pixel ever again, most buggiest "stock" phone I have ever had, and I've had smart phones since treos/HTC Titans. I've run custom Roms on older phones that were more stable.