*Pre-release* Sims Mobile Review and Preview! | Any Thoughts? Game Review

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I’ve got The Sims Mobile and I’m letting you see it early. It should be released on the Play Store and iOS soon. This is not the “Freeplay” or the “Sims 3” gmae that is currently available, this is an entirely new game from EA and Maxis.

This was installed on my Note 5 from an APK file downloaded from the internet, not from the Google Play Store.


Cuckoo-Flower says:

I hope it will be out for Amazon Fire as well. My tablet ran out of space for FreePlay so I had to delete that application. So I hope Sims Mobile will not have the same issue.

That Wizard Warrior. says:

I saw it on the play store it says it's not compatible on my phone. is it out yet or not?

minecity nl says:

i have an Android but the game is not in the play store.

kristyn renee says:

Ok so I'm confused on iPhone there is already a sims app, there's sims free play then you can also get sims 3. What sims is this

ashari coleman14 says:

did you download it on the Play store

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