Project Fi for iPhone? TPO Mobile Review! | June 2016

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uspeople 13 says:

If I have an iPhone and send MMS to another iphone and I have unlimited texting, will that use my data??

Bob Vergara says:

Would mms work better on a tmobile device?

Johnny George says:

Stetson, TPO or RingPlus? Have you dane a comparison video yet? Looking to switch but I cannot decide. I love all the features RingPlus offers but like the charitable model set up by TPO. Currently on Verizon Wireless $50 prepaid plan – no complaints except it is pricey!

William Diaz says:

It looks that your device is not only connecting to the new T-Mobile Band 12 spectrum for LTE, but that either your device or MVNO's on T-Mobile is not VoLTE enabled. To make sure this is on go to SETTINGS>CELLUAR>CELLULAR DATA OPTIONS>ENABLE LTE>VOICE & DATA… If it stays on LTE when making a call, great. If not, and drops to "4G" it's dropping to HSPA. BOTH LTE and HSPA are capable of voice and data simultaneously, so there is little to no reason unless disabled for MVNOs that you shouldn't be able to do that.

Raju123X says:

wow when it said "calling stetsdogg…." my phone rang, nice

Baby Nyanners says:

So would you say it's worth it?

Javier Felix says:

Follow this link to get MMS, and group messages to work

Andre Carr says:

TPO mobile refused to give me a credit in my 3rd month of dis service this is fraud!

Then when you call them all I get is there is no supervisor
on the floor when you ask to speak to one!

Every CSR is useless & refuse to put a manager on the phone!

jannyLOML says:

Have you tested red pocket? Ebay has a red pocket mobile plan for 199.99 for 1years of service, with 1k minutes, 1k text and 1gb data

Kemi Kago says:

Is it unlimited data

Totalhawk 0991 says:

By the way project FI works on iPhone too. Im testing it on my moms old iPhone 5

heatism says:

I think the switching of networks is if you have a GSM sim in the iPhone. I'm on the same plan for $25 a month with autopay but on a spring iPhone and only gets sprint service 😞

Apple TechInternational says:

So when I sign up and I enable autopay, will I only be paying $28 per month?

Ankush Narula says:

so it's nothing like Project Fi except that it's an MVNO – smh

Caleb Wheeler says:

Two of the key differences between TPO and Project Fi are:
1.) Project Fi allows you to use operate on both Tmobile, Sprint, and US Cellular networks, seamlessly switching between them based on who has the best coverage at the time.

2.) The phone will automatically switch to wifi calling and texting whenever available, which is a godsend for anyone who lives or works in a dead zone (like me).

Still, the prices for TPO are good, so if you have great coverage in your area, may be worth checking out.

Ed Urbina says:

thank u so much brother

Ed Urbina says:

hi. is tpo only for the iPhone or can I used an other phone?

Misha Winter says:

Will my Verizon unlocked iPhone 6 work on TPO?

Min Shin Khant says:

how much is it including tax for $30 plan?

Hayden Rouse says:

switched to tpo with your link a few days ago on my iPhone 6. I have noticed that data speeds are consistently sub 1mbps. did you ever encounter this and do you know a fix?

Courtney Havertape says:

can you use your own WiFi when you are home? or do u just use the data u have and you can't switch off of the data to WiFi?? PLEASE ANSWER

James C. says:

i'm thinking about trying this service but wondering if it's like freedompop and needs their app to make calls and send texts?

Mark Hoyle says:

Any update on TPO still using both T-Mobile & Sprint networks?

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