QUEST for the BEST HEROES! – Lords Mobile Gameplay / Review

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nickatnyte says:

Big thanks to lords mobile for sponsoring this episode, fun game! I can see why it's consistently on the top apps. Enjoy, have a great day!

KRandomness says:

omg all of these nooobs saying this game is crap man yall are funny . talking shit bout a game you will never be good at cause it actually takes real skill and situational awareness

Kyle J says:

How have you not played castle clash ?…. Wait did you?

cubs mobile gaming says:

I play this game at 18.3 mil might wow lol

Bryan Prucha says:

How do you have big guy gold already I can't afford him

Florida Outdoorsman says:

what emulator do u use to play this on computer?

De BoOm 101 says:

Didn't know you played this only clash of clans

farhan ramadhan says:

the best of game strategy .. Lords Mobile

Daniel Kudelčík says:

when the next episode?

Kyle Tuchowski says:

This is Game of War..not impressed. The logo looks more like clash Royale or something different -.-

Nice video though Nick!

Chaser Munky says:

I can't find the guild

Visionzzz says:

also once you beat a elite stage by 3 staring it you can sweep it and get food that gives your players xp and also you can get medals for your heros and upgrade your rank

Visionzzz says:

ik how to play this game i'm at castle lvl 23 and never gen troops there's no point

Visionzzz says:

nick you need to invest your talents points in research and construction and also training speed

Blue Baron says:

Tbh nick looked like he wanted to die the whole time. I can just here the words echoing in his head, "why couldn't I just get sponsered by redbull…"

Curtis Kleem says:

Any other k74's?

Daniel Vong says:

I like how in thegame the upgrade times aren't to crazy i'm at castle level 8 with vip level 8 and so farnothing has taken over 5 hours to upgrade for me

Daniel Vong says:

when youget to Vip8 you can auto complete the guild quests and admin quests

LostWarz Gaming says:

when you make a guild if someone wants to join they send a application.Then  you go to guild information and click on application

Darth Jimmisidius says:

you should use talent points on research, construction and training speed boosts because these allow you to grow much faster.

Logan TheRedOne says:

wow, another game you can pay to win. No thanks. Pass.

DarkDerpV4 HI says:

Your mascot isn't a lantern fish it is actually an angular fish!

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