Razer Kraken Mobile Neon Series Review

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Razer Kraken Mobile Neon: http://goo.gl/V87skg

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DMSG HD says:

i cant use my mic on my computer my friends dosent here me pls help

LifeHacks 3 says:

nice review ..thanks

ClassiC says:

so this is the real value of the razer kraken just rebranded when razer realized they're trash xd

Tee James says:

I used to work for one of Razer's outsourced QA team. Lemme tell you, it feels like Razer is pushing a very tight budget into testing and providing a quality product. Software and it's physical qualities are horrible. I'm glad I have worked there and able to play with all their cams and mechanical keyboard garbage. I won't be buying any more Razer crap.

AcBrandonT says:

can this be used on the ps4?

That one Guy says:

Can some1 tell me the name of the cable u need for these …I have
One but I can't find the cable that fits it anywhere

Gelo Goloy says:

Anyone used these with PSVR?

kiminami donna says:

Pak na pak very good headset I love verry much.

Kamil Kasperczak says:

i use ios cable on android phone

Vancelot says:

How can I make the mic work with my pc? ._.

Prothief expertive says:

where is the mic on ps4?

Whalie says:

I got this headset today, but it doesn't come any sound 🙁 I saw it says for iPhone and that, so if you use any other mobile phones, It won't work? Please help me :'

________misterbius________ says:

Work in ps4 ?

Wes M says:

does the mic work on ps4 controller?

Leafy IsHear says:

Is it good for listening to music

Mark Howls says:

is the original cable compatible with android?!?!?!?!

NuclearDevastation - RBLX says:

I'm wearing the Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 for the computer (obviously) lmao… When I heard that Razer made mobile headphones I almost shit myself…

Judy Cuizon says:

can this be used for pc gaming too?

EricD219 says:

Winows 10 can I use them??

Cmyth says:

These headphones + Modmic = Best cheap headset! : P

Joanne Rivera says:

is it inly gor IOS?

Tristan Isaac says:

I got my Android Cable for free (and a 50 % discount for installing RazerGo :p )

KatOfKhrome says:

Can you use the replacement cushions

Zynth says:

Razer should've made a Kraken wireless in my opinion

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