Razer Phone review – 9/10

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The Razer phone is made for gaming, but is it a good phone? You’re in the perfect place to find out. A Snapdragon 835, QHD 120Hz screen and Nextbit styling come together here to deliver something pretty special given the price you can buy it – on Three UK for just £605!

Razer Phone design review: 00:30
Razer Phone screen review: 02:10
Razer Phone UI review: 03:45
Razer Phone multimedia review: 06:40
Razer Phone gaming review: 08:15
Razer Phone camera review: 09:20
Razer Phone battery review: 12:55

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  • Christian Xavier

    How is the visibility in sunlight?

  • The T. Man

    Link to APK?

  • DJ Everest

    Cool, but where does he talk more about Quick Charge 4+ ? lol.

  • gonwan1

    Sounds more like a 7 then a 9

  • Lou Loop

    Great review. Hope you can review DAC and speakers vs Axon 7, LG V30, Note 8 and Apple X. Your voice audio in the video is quite low in volume. Hope you can provide a link for the pixel camera app. Thanks. Cheers! 😁👌

  • Craig Davies

    9 out of 10! Meh! The screen is shit especially in the sun, the camera is awful and its only good if you spend your days playing games. Id take about 10 phones over this!

  • Jovan T.

    for gamers from gamers with no real games to play. way overpriced.

  • John Rosales

    Please tell me a speaker test is coming soon against the Pixel 2, iPhone 8 Plus and Nexus 6P

  • IlluminatedGame

    Can I add custom ringtones and text messages tone? Like can I drag and drop a audio file on my PC into this Phone and use it for the phone


    Great detailed review. All other reviews don't even point out the theme store which is quite interesting with custom ringtones. For the first phone from Razer, it is very impressive considering Google's phones have so many problems.

  • prithvi raj

    Really nice video

  • Bro Swirski

    9/10 would bang? 😁