Razer Phone review

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Razer’s first Android phone is a striking piece of hardware with excellent performance, undone by a dim display and a calamitous camera.

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  • Costas En Garde

    Gaming phone.. The irony was lost on Razer.

  • burnzy3210

    if only it had an AMOLED screen, it would be almost perfect

  • aokusman1

    The biggest problem with mobile gaming is in game transactions. WHo wants to play a game that you have to stop at every level?

  • Leo Neraj

    Fuck Samsung piece of shit

  • Tao Ronaldo

    Apart from the 120hz gimmick this is inferior to OnePlus 5 which is much cheaper and better than this phone. Awful first try. Try again next time Razer

  • Sky Light

    Not for average user

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Being better than the Nokia N-Gage is not gonna bring people to buy your product

  • Glenn Lewis

    My dream phone

  • General Ivan

    I say they can easily double their user base if they had made the phone $850 and put an additional $150 towards a great camera along with a brighter display. Not many people can make that kind of compromise regarding the camera when buying a $700 phone. But people that can afford $700 phones can normally afford $850 phones.

  • Alex Thorn

    It gets somethings right but… Falls short of some very important areas

  • Christna Kim

    Is this final production?

  • Nana Kwame

    Please upload reviews in 60fps. It’s the only way we can even properly begin to perceive performance. Thank you .

  • ron cosby

    He hates everything that's not a Samsung . No big surprise.

  • Vasu Gupta

    Just love the Designated Survivor.

  • Faris Umar

    pixel camera app might improve photo quality like essential phone

  • Adnan Ahmed

    Decent phone for first outing.

  • Ťhě Ĺâśț Tamang

    it is way better than fuking shit pixel 2 phones…..

  • Tanjim The tech guy

    Great device

  • Naoki Maeda

    Razer phone camera = essential phone camera = 🙁

  • NeoDaOne

    I guess I'll wait for razor phone 2

  • R VH

    Amazing vedio for Razar Gaming Phone. How much cost in Indian rupees Bro ?

  • Pranav Agarwal

    0:19 Which game????

  • sean li

    About that screen… I don't think the people who are gonna buy this phone will have the problem with outdoor visibility, they aren't visible outdoors either.

  • Techno Geek

    I have an Oneplus 5
    I want to mine ethereum on my oneplus 5
    Which app or software will work…
    And will pay me out…
    But i want an app which really works…
    No issue for battery, internet connection also heating isnt a issue for me….

  • Oscar Cooke-Abbott

    My second favourite phone of the year (behind V30).

  • You were Wondering

    Actually a really impressive phone and probably the only phone who has a valid reason for not including the headphone jack. The phone must have a huge battery because of that 120hz display so atleast we are getting features that are really good instead of the headphone jack (still wish it was there though). That display is the best part of the phone and definitely impressive for a mobile device. Hope they find success with this phone.

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  • MSSoulBlader

    Nice but, no headphone jack – no buy. With all the specs you'd think would add this at least.

  • Kavin Bharathi

    What was that racing game before Titan fall

  • Crazcompart

    …I got a hands-on experience with a Razer, (not this model though), and it was something I couldn't compare to…Certain brands and makes, such as the Sony XZP, HTC 10 & U11, (most) Samsung Notes, and the LG V-Series are also good for gaming, and come close, although none were like the Razer…Not a good move leaving the headphone jack off the Razer, as games actually sound more like a home console system piped through a stereo when good headphones are used…The specialized NovaLauncher is definitely a plus, though! The sub-par camera doesn't surprise me, as this is more a gamer's handset, and not like a V30…However, I am in agreement that it would be a benefit to have good base camera capabilities to go with the handset's power, and just leave it at that, allowing any further still or video enhancement possibilities open for installing good third-party post-processing apps, such as Adobe or VivaPro…