REVIEW: Amazon Fire Phone In 2016 (4G/32GB)

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When Amazon released the Fire Phone in late 2014, the $200 on-contract price made the handset face stiff competition from other HTC, Samsung, and Apple flagships. In this in-depth video review, we revisit Amazon’s unique smartphone, and discuss whether it has become a better deal now in 2016. Hardware specifications include a 4.7″ IPS display, Snapdragon 800 (2.2Ghz) quad-core processor, 2GB Ram, 32GB Rom, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Dynamic Perspective 3D Cameras, and a rear-facing 13MP auto-focus shooter.

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Crystal Sookwah says:

my screen shattered where can I get a new one to replace

Roy Eastham says:

AT&T wants a deposit for me to replace it with a better phone…­čśí­čśá

Roy Eastham says:

My Fire Phone literally exploded in flames so yeah, it's a Fire Phone.

Said AsChaenal says:

Does It Support OTG?

jpthsd says:

FCK Amazon FIRE phone and it got "fire" shttt …I'm pissed man…I bought this phone last year July 2015 and now t he USB charging port of the phone is not functioning correctly! WTF…my iPhone 5S' still working great, smooth awesome now!
Amazon NEVER and NEVER makes phone , your team is sht!!! man I'm pissed given the iPhone 5s continue working without any issue!

Ali Hussnain says:

i also installed google play store and its work perfectly it,s cool

Ali Hussnain says:

i use this phone and it,s better then samsung and nokia lumia series it,s overall good

Natheer Hussein says:

where can I get the wallpapers of Amazon fire phone to apply it on my iPhone ?

RS K says:

Decent!?  Its still  up there. Its no longer in the high end premium phone range but it is still in the mid range premium phone range being two years old.   If you want to get a brand phone better than Fire Phone expect to pay a minimum of $500.

Cipto Miyarso says:

can this phone update to marshmallow?

maly82pm says:

this phone is actually awesome. it was well overpriced when it came out but now it is really a bargain. amazon made mistake to lock it to carriers (at&t in USA and o2 in UK) now you can get it for ┬ú80 which is a good buy. the device is fast and responsive. you can install play store on it and enjoy all apps out there. none of new games are lagging on it. build in storage is still a premium when you compare it to budget options offered by other manufacturers ( 8GB ) – with higher price. if you planning to get it now be warned that the prime membership is not included so you need to subscribe to it yourself. or use play store services. the only down side I can find with this device is long charge time of around 3 hours from flat battery.
my daily use make this phone last 4,5 hours of screen on time with about 10 hours of device being on which is OK but not great by today's standards. that is with heavy load of downloading stuff streaming on YouTube and gaming for an hour a day plus text and calls. all amazon features are actually useful. camera app is a bit basic but for all those photographers in you you can use free app open camera that gives you ton of options.

william teagno says:

when i finally play pokemon go I'll be satisfied until then this phone fucking sucks

Mister K-rad says:

The virtual assistant still cant tell you the time of the day.

Syeda Yashfa says:

like gta san Andreas

Syeda Yashfa says:

Can this phone runs heavy games??

Syeda Yashfa says:

can someone tell me that this phone run heavy gamea or not??

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