REVIEW: Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is worth upgrading to

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The Galaxy S8 is an incredible phone, and it puts Samsung on a path to redemption after that embarrassing blunder with the Note 7 last fall.

Still, it’s not perfect. While the hardware and design are the best you can get, there are a lot of questionable things going on with the software, especially Samsung’s decision to make its own digital assistant called Bixby.

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Ou8y2k2 says:

If it's not a Improvised Samsung Device (ISD), what good is it for?

Alpha & Omega says:

I'll just stick to my S7 Edge….

Salar Farrukh says:

I already have this phone, why am I watching this?

Chris says:

It's good the videos are short but a video like this should be longer and more in depth.

Hector Perez says:

Good desig but as always full of crapdroid!💩💩💩💩💩

Pedro Martínez says:

"It's quite cheap, it starts at 729$". lul

OGMillyMillz says:

Team iPhone for life!

Jackweel Huang says:

0:01 Samung's newest phone.. whut

godplaye 1 says:

Thx Tech Insidernu helped me "o"

John Sager says:

Third comment

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