Review: Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16

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The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is the latest Windows based drawing tablet from Wacom. This is the successor to the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. I’m looking at the 16 version, which is the larger of the two available. Drawing on this tablet is fantastic. It feels great and it passed all my drawing tests with flying colors. The screen has a nice matte finish on it that gives it a little tooth and keep the Pro Pen 2 feeling like it’s sliding out of control on a glass screen.


This is the tablet I reviewed here:

These are the USB C adaptors:

This is the stand I’m using:

My Drawing Gear:
Surface Pro 3 –
iPad Pro –
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator-
Astropad –
Procreate –
Kyle’s Brushes for Photoshop –

My Video Gear:
Camera – iPhone 6 (yeah, I know, but it works)
iRig (connects mic to phone):
Mic: Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB:
Grip tight phone mount:
Ring Light:
Tiny lil tripod thingy:


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Pigboy Too cool says:

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me pointers to what would be better. Should I buy a 13 inch cintiq, or the mobile studio pro 13? I know ones a computer but I'm simply looking for quality when drawing. Would it be better for me just to buy a cintiq, or is the mobile studio pro far beyond it in quality and tech when drawing? Thank you to whomever responds to me.



Animu Person says:

I'm going to sue Wacom for giving me a heart attack after seeing that price

Daniel Vallieres says:

Hi Brad Colbow, Have you had any problems wit the USB-C to the USB-A Adapters? Are they safe to use?

NinjaCake says:

can you also use this on a desktop and not have to use the wacom screen itself?

Kys says:

Does it have to be connected to a pc/mac/etc. in order to be used? Drawing wise and just as a laptop.

TheRedMealstorm -PS4- says:

Hi, I want to replace my old desktop that I used to draw with along side my wacom intuos with the the Wacom studio pro 16. Would it be wise to buy the studio pro for my main art device and computer? Or would it be too small?

araglem says:

Thanks much for your informative review.

I got a mobilestudio 16 (i7) a couple of days ago, same as yours. It looks beautiful but the only thing is a constant fan noise, even when its idling and nothing is on the foreground, nothing super loud loud but still there is and you can hear it clearly. And of course it doubles or triples when PS is being used.

I can convince myself when PS is running but my concern is why there is fan noise when NOTHING is running and all the apps are closed. Thought maybe it is the problem of this very device of mine, am not sure.

I was just wondering if this is also the case with yours? I'd appreciate your response.

Raghnall86 says:

Maybe Wacom can look into Ryzen as a processor to cut some of the cost

Reth Bot says:

You're amazing! Love your review 🙂 Funny and very understandable.

Malcoyy 1 says:

I clicked the vid cuz I'm a zelda nerd

Sh. art says:

I love your videos MANNNN!!! lol

The most thing that made me laugh was when you were putting the prices with your reaction on the backround.. I REALLY LAUGHED SO HARD..

KellySmith555 says:

This was an enthusiastic, energetic, humorous and informative review. Thank you so much. I learned a lot from this video. You are my hero.

john hardy says:

What's going on with your eyes?

Tan Choon Hong says:

Excellent review! Two thumbs up.

Kyubey says:

I want you you to take wacom's dick out of your mouth and do this video again

LeoV says:

Did you notice any kind of flickering around and above the pen cursor? it's most noticeable with a gray background

Abraham H says:

is this truly mobile? like i can go to park and draw?

ronniespace says:

Thanks for the awesome review. Do you plan to do a similar review for the 13" model?

I have a few questions, if you can help?

Can this be connected to X2 additional monitors and be used itself as a drawing tablet, if so what accesories are required.

Do Wacom have stores where people can try hands on? (I'm in the UK).

In the top of the line I7 model, is the processor the latest gen? I can't seem to find the exact spec.

Abc 123 says:

I like the anime / manga style drawings you did Brian!

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