Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) Review | Best Compact Phone!!!

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This is an in-depth review of the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

00:25 Design & Build
02:14 Display
03:22 Sound
04:33 Performance
06:40 Battery
08:14 Software
09:01 Camera

10:28 Deal Breakers/Makers
12:06 Conclusion

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Slavomir G says:

Dude, you are number one mobile-tech reviewer on the YT. Love your work. I've been researching which phone to buy for a girlfriend and you helped a lot. Danke schon 🙂

Hamburger says:

i also really like how Kompakt it is!

Eugene Addai says:

Sorry to ask but what launcher was that

Kamran Malik says:

Will you review a3 2017

Samira Lorne says:

When you speak you remind me of Arnold Schwarzneggar

barnyboy25 says:

grt review only problem i have with the phone is that the touch screen becomes unresponsive at times

welshyyyyy says:

I've had this phone for about a week and it is lovely BUT I'm not very impressed with the battery life, it runs down fairly rapidly, anyone else similarly disappointed at the battery?

Ivana Kantorova says:

A3 or P9 lite?

Boki DnB says:

Hello! I must say.. Great review. Buying this phone for my lady, she mostly uses fb and fb messenger and i was wondering hows the ram management using these two apps. They eat alot of storage space so i was wondering if 1.5gb ram is enough. Thanks

Ken Klose says:

Great review sounds like Terminator Arnold thanks

Continual Soiree says:

Honestly man, you are one of the best reviewers I've found. And I have seen just about all of them in my hunt.

I need sub $300, 5" or smaller. I just watched a video on the 2017 model from CES and it looks pretty nice. But I live in the USA and they said it's only going to Europe right now. I don't even think they sell the 2016 version over here either do they?

Would you recommend this phone for what I need? And how would I get either, since I live in the states? Thanks man.

Saif Mz says:

could u please tell me which is better this a3 2016 or the samsung alpha?

ochiorbus says:

does it beat the moto g3 1gb/2gb version ?

Hidayatur Rahman says:

please tell me what theme are you using on this review?

Dum dum says:

So its a good phone with 1.5 gb of ram ?

Arne De Rons says:

Im watching reviews for this phone for 3 weeks straight but you're the best i ever found man, keep it up 🙂

Rengo says:

Hope it's good i ordered the phone 3 days ago 🙂


I have this phone and I agree with u mate plus this is one of the best reviews I've seen on YouTube.

Cash Shew says:

If you have to choose between galaxy a3 2016 and experia xa . Which one will you choose?

IB 10 says:

Damir, could you tell me please which processor does this phone have ? I heard there are different processors for this A3 model, is it true ? And would you buy this phone over Galaxy s6 ? Thank you. p.s. – I subscribed ! 🙂

Majd k3 says:

hey man great review as always,i wanted to ask which would you chose this or the p8 lite?

Lars Muldjord says:

Just bought this yesterday and what a great phone it is! Had a few calls on it, did some browsing, took pictures etc. Everything seems smooth and the display is just a joy. Gotta love OLED! I never liked the bigger smartphones. My old phone is an S3 and I absolutely loved that phone. But it was showing its age. Camera often wouldn't start and menus were stuttery with the CM13 image I had on it. So, the A3 suddenly popped up when looking for the perfect "small" smartphone. And knowing that Marshmallow is just around the corner for it (some regions already have it), I just can't find a single thing I don't like about this phone. I'm on my third day on one charge now. It's amazing! And great review! It's nice to hear other peoples opinions after having used it for a while.

Leandro Brandão says:

So would you get it instead of the a5?
I want to give to a person who is using a lumia 520 now and I think the 4,7 inch screen would be better.

Shane Horne says:

On samsungs website it's says fast charging and in carphone it says fast charging

Shane Horne says:

I still think it's expensive to say what it dose

John Lew says:

Damir, you're one of the best reviewers in the business! Great job

Karl Chua says:

Can you please tell me the actual price of this phone? Thanks!

Juuso Peltoniemi says:

I hope that the 2017 A3 is going to have fingerprint scanner.

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