Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) Review

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The new 2016 Samsung Galaxy A3 is a beautiful smartphone. It is also gorgeous, good-looking, and quite pleasant to look at. Did we mention that it also looks great? To see if the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 has anything else to impress us with, we took it through our review procedure. Here’s what we think of it.

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hello brother's
please help me for enable multi window option

Ebony Ramm says:

i have this

TheBlue Fantom says:

@PhoneArena +PhoneArena are you bulgarian ( ti bulgarin li si zashtoto vidqh varna i za tova pitam

Ayman motala says:

Is there touch ID on it ?? please reply guys😫

RedYT says:

Xperia XA or A3?

Saif Mz says:

a3 2016 is better or alpha? any suggestions please? and the reasons too

Lacto says:

I miss this 4.7 pattern =/
I prefer 4.7 than 5.x modern displays as S6.

RubyTigress says:

What's it like playing youtube and netflix? I regularly watch both on my phone so that's quite important to me

F. Rose says:

Good review! Later

Daniel Clarke-lloyd says:

who's watching on a Samsung A3 (2016)

Aminah Khan says:

Performance issues lol


Am liked samsung soo much but now i have Huawie p8 lite gold it is better than A3 and also looks like iphone and android like iso.

Simply Kunal says:

Nice Video.I have also done a review on a samsung mobile.I would be glad if you check it out.

Rolling56stars says:

Bit of a biased review how is its price range bad for a £230 phone that does all that i'm pretty impressed. Not like 128 gb extra memory that u can add plus being the smallest of the A series (as there is an A5 and A7, obviously slightly better) and is running on Marshmallow, yes there is still the annoying Samsung bloatware (for me i don't want Microsoft apps) but still its Samsung.

doggo doge says:

s5 better and cheaper

yuki42 says:

you are in the Varna me too

Name Mrname says:

You know this thing cant ever break right? i dropped it with no case from 7 feet and i am typing this comment on it without typos. lol

Boos Kooft says:

he talks like Luigi (Mario's brother)

Jonnah Maz says:

A3 2016 is extremely sexy !

ItsAlyssa says:

just go this today.. I've gotta say that I am an iPhone person but after having this, I have changed my mind. loving it

IB 10 says:

People are idiots !! Why the fuck do you need your phones to be waterproof ? Are you gonna take it under shower so that you can make selfie ? Or you're gonna swim and dive with it ? What kind of idiot does these things ? And why do you need fingerprint scan option ? Are you a fucking James Bond ? jesus…

Shane Horne says:

some people say that this phone has a finger print scanner what idiots

Bianka Bajusz says:

is there a dual sim version of this mobile?

JaysCasualLife says:

are you bulgarian

Naina Seven says:

Yes, finally i got this phone already and ITS SUPER NICE IN THE HAND. i thought the price really pricey like some reviewer say or ads, but gezzzz whaattt?? it just 10$ more expensive than j5 2016, so obviously i choose this sexy A3.

Thanks GOD i own the little sister of s6…

Laurence Lacson says:

Love this phone! Watching this video with a3 2016

Roborav says:

Another iPhone looking phone from Samsung. Talk about blatantly copying iPhones.

Eisen John S. Dichosa says:

no fingerprint sensor? just buy flash plus 2 in lazada lower the price higher specs with fingerprint sensor

Majkiller11 says:

I don't understand which chipset the A3 comes with. Some sources say it's the same as the old A3; the 410 snapdragon, but some say it's the exynos 7578. Most stores just say it's a quad-core 1.5ghz. Obviously the exynos 7578 is substancially faster than the snapdragon 410. If you can answer please reply!!

superstar436 says:

I love small phones (4.3 inch is perfect) and I love sony for their durability but between this and z5 compact or x compact, A3 is a no-brainer due to its price. Almost half.

Will wait for the 2017 version

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