Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Hands-on Review: Mini phone, mega specs?

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Hands-on Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 review: We go hands-on with the Galaxy A3 2017 for this first-look review, examining the specs and what makes Samsung’s 4.7-inch mini mobile so great.

Samsung’s Galaxy A3 phone from 2016 was a solid 4.7-inch smartphone, boasting decent cameras and a striking Super AMOLED screen for a pleasingly slender asking price. In 2017, Samsung hasn’t meddled with much of the specs, keeping the same screen size and resolution. Design wise it doesn’t look much different either, but the new Galaxy A3 2017 is water resistant and boasts a fingerprint sensor. The camera tech has also been boosted, so you can expect more detail-packed snaps.

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Husnandia Fadli says:

please! make a review video for this product in details, i'm waiting for this:)

TomUK7 says:

Such a shame Samsung didn't upgrade the camera on this. Would have been a no brainer. The Moto G5 Plus on the other hand has just been announced and has a 1.7 lens aperture and components which apparently are very similar to S7. And the G5 will cost similar in UK. Oh, and has 3GB RAM and 32GB storage…and stock android.

Ismael Nachat says:

it. is such a shame this video because of the background sounds but a good review

jonah travisano says:

Cool.. thanks for doing… the 2gb of RAM is going to be a problem.

Shane Horne says:

It has not got fast charging

Shane Horne says:

headphone jack thankfully lol

Harry Murphy says:


Harry Murphy says:


Rahul BHargava says:

Can you unbox it

Harry Murphy says:

I ORDERD 2 A3 2017 AND 2 A5 2017.

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