Samsung Galaxy A3 Review!

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The Samsung Galaxy A3 is one of Samsung’s first all metal smartphones and it’s packing a 64-bit processor inside! Check out our full review!

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  • Chris Toft

    okay i have an a3 and i can watch youtube with 420p. so maybe your phone is fucked

  • Jean Martin

    Holy sh*t ! This TouchWiz looks good ! Just kidding…

  • cj174 awy

    looks best in black, also who is watching this on an a3 and in 2017!!!!!!😂😂😂

  • Syed Sohail

    Very nice name and phone

  • Rah-Gee Spence

    is the sim card slot the same as blackberry passport?

  • Berina

    is 360pi really the highest on youtube on this phone!?

  • PassGrove

    all I care about is how pokemon go find on it xD

  • Siobhan

    Thinking of getting this… thanks!
    I'm used to headphone jacks on the top and removing the back cover, like usual Samsungs.
    Don't mind though!

  • kios05

    Samsung morons i cant fit my sim card in this pce of shit!

  • ChrisKayMan2

    this or
    Lenovo Vibe s1 Lite dual sim ??

  • Ann

    Keyboard?  Keyboard?…………why do they never mention the size of  the keyboard – essential when you've got little podgy fingers like me.  I've lost track of the number of phones I've liked the look of and then had to abandon because of the little piddly keyboard that's far too small.

  • Rab Anderson

    I'm no gamer or computer wizard. My daughter gave me one of these as a Christmas gift.
    Nearly ten months down the line. I can't fault the Samsung A3. Especially the battery life for such a small device. Really happy with it.

  • Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    YouTube can be watched at 960×480 and looks clear and has 1.5 gig of ram this man is so stupid,how could he make a review without knowing about the phone 😐
    the camera is really good for 8mp.

  • Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    android 6 is out for this phone

  • liam reiss vlogs

    has it got a glass backing its hard to tell because its white

  • Ashashash Anime

    is it better than the s4?

  • Hale Roe

    Can anyone help me is the 6.0 marshmallow update coming to the A300FU In the uk? I am on 02 and,don't yet have the update 🙁