Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) Review

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Our Galaxy A5 (2016) review will show you the best, and the worst, of Samsung’s new upper mid-range smartphone. The short version? It’s got the looks, but lacks the performance. Check our video out for the slightly longer version!

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OneTechMinute says:

after reading those comments.. i agree the fact that u dont know how to review a phone properly.. use kind words instead of mocking by saying "Pathetic".. if you dont like samsung UI.. u shud mention that its only your opinion.. i used iphone, samsung, htc, lg, nokia lumia, microsoft, oneplus… thus, no fone is perfect.. they all have their own flaws.. dont judge them..

OneTechMinute says:

i don't understand y r u criticizing a fone here… ur a reviewer… then review it.. no-one is asking what do u think about this fone.. everyone here wants a neutral review and not ur opinion.. you should learn from @DetroitBorg channel.. just watch his videos.. he is the finest and best reviewer on youtube.. next comes @MKBHD @AustinEvan @JonathanMorrison @AvgConsumer… you should seriously learn to review a phone from these guys..

Roman Károly says:

Can someone help me? I have a problem with my a5 2016. My Asphalt 8 is so lagy 13.4 fps in medium graphics and my other games are too lagy. For example Temple run 2 on high graphics or nova 3 freedom ed. is definitely super lagy as a piece of shit😑. But sometimes this games are playable, because i have a phases when the framerate is casual good. My RAM is also cleared and i dont have idea why is this doing with my phone. I need a help. Maybe poor optimized 64 bit?

tigruletu50 says:

reviewers always bashing touchwiz, but is the best software that has a lot of features like multitasking and so on , better than stock android

Milan Subotić says:

I am getting this phone on friday and TBH you did so many things wrong here, first of all, you placed your finger so wrong on sensor, its not the browser thats slow, its your lame wifi, blah blah.
this phone is amazing

Bhim Raj Poudel says:

well, enough youtube for today! fuck off!

simple Troll says:

Why is every retard making reviews ? I have this device since 7 months Battery life is great the display is awesome amoled 1080p, nothing more to say. It works perfect with marshmallow, fast no lags at all, touch wiz is great with the new customizations. Its a great device with premium look at a fair price.I´m very satisfied with this device. Fuck this pathetic retard!

Anne Frank says:

i think they fired this cunt. thank fuck. hes the reason i always watched other reviews over phonearena

Ruffy Jay Bangcayaon says:

you are pathetic too..iphone boring fanboy 🖓

nilossiell says:

Oh, and the fingerprint scanner works great. I've had no problems with it

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