Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Review

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The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) is the phone that will be the right fit for most people: it is not too cheap, nor too expensive; its 5.2-inch screen is neither too big, nor too small; it’s the golden mean…

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H o o a h says:

Does new A5 home button got plastic? because mine have a line scratch but barely visible but it annoys me knowing that my new A5 has it. So maybe it has a plastic that can be remove and the plastic is the one got scratch?

dedanneee says:

тцтц варненски

sean oliver says:

the fingerprint sensor on this phone is god awfully slow i bought one my girlfriend and she already wants to go back to her Moto g4 plus

robertshuxley says:

where was the video shot? the city looks pretty nice

Shiny Films says:

1:10 I'm watching a display on a display on a display. Nice way to show us what the display looks like.

Paul Rigby says:

I also have an S7 edge but had nothing but problems my first the screen broke the second the battery broke so I got an A5 2017 this time which is seen as a downgrade but I disagree, for the average user it's better. Battery life is amazing the screen in my opinion looks crisper. The edge screen looks amazing but is just annoying for day to day use and the glass cracks so easy. I will get my S7 edge repaired but I will continue to use my A5 instead.

Picstech says:

I will buy a xperia x instead…both are in same price…X have more advantages than A5 except water proof body

syed varusai says:

which phone is good for photo editing and high works ? help me recomment me a phone

Jerwyn Andrada says:

Your english is terrible man tsk
Review the phone but DON'T SPEAK haha

dj dj says:

5.5 inch is small for me.

Ske Fee says:

Newer a5 2017 is better. 🙂

+Better battery
+More RAM (3GB)
+Better procesor
+More internal storage (32GB)
+New samsung UI (Grace UX)
+Will have more updates
+Better front camera

Only thing that is quite similiar is back camera. More mpx on newer one but lack of OIS and that's why cameras are almost same. Video recording goes to samsung a5 2016 though.Everything else is on side of newer A5. 🙂
Hope i helped you, bye. 🙂

Widiartha Wahyudi says:

I tested this A5 in Samsung store for couple minutes and there seems like no way to move apps to SD card in app manager as usual (i know the fact that certain apps can not be moved) can someone help me with this?

Noel Yagami says:

Is that white? Where did you get it?

Eshanth Saha says:

between a5 2016 and a5 2017 which z the best

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