Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) review

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Varun Bangre says:

how to do that labelling?

Ortigali Naziraliyev says:

iPhone best

Abdur Rahman says:

I have problem in updating facebook and not opening unless we download new version,it downloading and not installing,please give a tips to solve this problem

gopal Timalsina says:

how to off swipe lock option please say. it make me headache

Anne Frank says:

bad speaker placement. your thumb is going to cover it all the time

Braden Shaw says:

Hey I don't expect a reply since the video is a bit old but:

I'm currently using a HTC One M8 and it's not the best. I've had to get two replacements for it because the screen either stopped working or actually fell off. I'm looking to upgrade to a midrange phone (I can't afford the super expensive ones) and the A5 caught my attention and was recommended to me! BUT so was the HTC One M8 so is it worth changing phones to the A5? Has anyone had good or bad experiences with it they would like to share? I'm not looking for the most amazing phone in the world, I would just rather it didn't lag like crazy and fall apart 4 months into using it haha

snowfox says:

just bought this phone. the processor is not good for heavy gaming.

Thermal_Sniper X says:

There's little difference from their flagship S7 just a heart rate sensor,chip set, screen resolution

jash Armstrong says:

I didn't get an earphone with it when it came 🙁

Muzzicorn~ says:

It's impossible to find custom cases for the a5

Shayan Ahmed says:

Looks like the first Galaxy S (i9000)

Farhan Fathurakhman says:

review samsung galaxy C5 pro please

Stewart Mackay says:

A5 2017 vs A3 2017 what's better?

VR 46 says:

samsung terlalu cepat keluarin produk

Tech Max says:

is it faster than the s6

Shaun Green says:

iPhone 6 copy even has the lines on the metal edges

Tilen Volčanšek says:

hey guys, does anybody know: if i prefer to charge this phone normally (and not with fast charging), can I just use the USB-C cable with some 'normal' Samsung adapter instead of the Adaptive Fast Charging one? Or is it better to use the Adaptive Fast Charging adapter and use the settings in the phone to disable the fast charging option (if such a setting even exists)? Cheers for all the help 🙂

Dave Michael Amba says:

watching this on my samsung A5 2017 black color is the best!!!!!

Jvn says:

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) or Sony Xperia X
Both phones are $0 with contract

Duno says:

So basicly half or quater prized Iphone 🙂

Charan Harsha says:

A5 2016 Looks way better than this shit

Jubaid akil says:

you are very nice,so selfi is nice….thanks just fun

Ciprian Axinte says:

do you want me to buy you ,your phone and your family ??

Tomato Juice says:

How much???

Stainless says:

why does EVERYBODY making a phone review note that it has a headphone jack?
just because apple did it on one phone and will continue with that, doesnt mean that you have to note it

Marius says:

This phone definitely has the looks, but I heard that the camera is very very bad (and I'm not talking about the lack of 4k and OIS).
Is the A5 2016 camera better?

Walt Lawson says:

Really enjoying this phone!

Cassidy says:

3:22 Those pores, but still a cutie. Lol.

Death Eagle From Hell says:

is it worth it o dont care about cam

Lily Ong Princess says:

This is perfect for me , maybe not for others , but for me .

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