Samsung Galaxy A5 Review!

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Samsung’s packing its latest metallic design language and a 64 bit processor in the Galaxy A5. Check out our full review!

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  • Roi Bokobza

    Thanks Kev, great review man..

  • bunuh cicak

    this is my first smartphone after my first paycheck 2 years ago.

  • tawanda mulinyu

    interested should i buy it but what major advantage i will get ?

  • Abdur Rahman

    I have a problem in fb application not opening and starts downloading and comes error

  • AndyLikes Games

    thats the phone Im using right now

  • ikybaiiki

    great phone shame about the same crappy Touch Wiz is still being used from the s3

  • luke pineda42

    i have that and really use it

  • E I N S

    Just got it, gold, absolutely amazing phone


    I'm watching this in samsung galaxy A5 😁😂

  • tswhale

    in 2017, is nexus 5x or galaxy a5(2016) ?

  • F. Rose

    Good video! Later

  • nurdenfcbayern

    I have a problem with my camera. If someone can help me, please help.
    My camera goes automatically to 8 MP, although each time I change it to 13 MP. Next time I open, 8 MP again.