Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) review

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This is our review of Samsung’s biggest phone – the 6-inch Galaxy A9 (2016). For more check out


Hmm says:

yo numbnuts, learn how to enunciate  -smfh

Eska Wahia says:

Yes easy for access google apps fast

Deepak Sethi says:

has anyone used this with T-Mobile? can we access google apps on this?

karim e maadd says:


d talmood says:

The phone barley looks any thicker why the fuck dont they put a 4000mha battery on the note 7

Foofangjiong 123 says:

this phone was a monster gaming its well like N.o.v.a 3 dead trigger 2 dead effect 2 modern combat 5:blackout and more

nour elyakin says:

samsung A9 or Samsung Mega 6.3

Calvin Brumant says:

will it work with ATT LTE GSM network?

Mayu Ahir says:

sumsung give the New things
this all thing is old old and old
you only change the name

Emerson Scud Derota says:

please confirm if this unit has gyro. I was convinced by your spec sheet on the a9pro that it has gyro. When I tried VR on the a9pro it does not have a gyro. Please put reliable information on your spec sheet on the website.

Ijaz Ali says:

its a premium midrange smartphone, I dont like mid range phones..

Harold DaCosta says:

Does the A9 run or compatible with T-Mobile in the states?

Reinalyn Cenizal says:

is the a9 pro /a9 2016 available in the Philippines?

Son Goli says:

There's also an A9 pro with 5k mah battery life and 4gb ram

NeonBloodyMary94 says:

I need this in my life.

Nur Kesyah says:

Can you tell us how much this phone price in Malaysia??? I am Malaysian.

Dade Vinkler says:

just bought this phone, and its a great phone for the money…. i'm probably the only person in Denmark with it

Matthew Swanson says:

How many hours of screen on time do you usually get?

Jillak Jilla says:

@GSMArena – Lovely review again, even though you have come a little late into this, you seem to be LATEST and most advanced and refined.

Please let me know if there is a way to import this phone to India.

richendell kirindongo says:

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