Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Review: Huge phone, huge battery!

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Here’s a full in-depth review of the new Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro which is an upgraded version of the Galaxy A9 which was launched by the South Korean company early this year. This device features a 6-inch 1080p display which is of the Super AMOLED type. Apart from that, its other highlight includes a 5000mAh battery which promises long-lasting battery life.

The Galaxy A9 Pro kicks in an octa core Snapdragon 652 processor which is assisted in its operations by 4GB worth of RAM. As for storage, there’s 32GB of available space, apart from a microSD card slot. While the Galaxy A9 came with a 13MP main camera, this Pro model ships with a 16MP snapper on its back. Its front camera remains an 8MP unit though.

At Rs 32490, some may argue that the A9 Pro is asking for too much, but the 5000mAh battery is something that ends up justifying that price tag. Watch this video to know exactly what the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro brings to the table, and how it fares in day-to-day usage.


Watch the unboxing video of the A9 Pro here:


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Prasana Kumar says:

Deii gooth*** tamila peesu daa su**

رمضان الكعامي says:

What is the version number Version Indian phone Galaxy A9 pro Give me the answer I'm from Libya I want to buy this version and not the Chinese version

Mohammed I says:

very very huge battery amazing features I love it

matthew miller says:

Hi there!does it have a smart function? Like screen mirroring

ThatGuyOverThere123 says:

Hello Mr. Nikam. Thank you for the well done and in depth video. I love everything about this phone, but I am based in the U.S., and the A9 Pro Isn't available here yet. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your unit from? Would this vender ship all the way to the U.S? If not, do you know of anyone who would?

The real story here is that I got a Chinese A9 Pro unit, only to find that it will not work with Google services over here. I'm trying to find the best way to get an International version.

thanks again, and take care!

nithesh tharun says:

is the samsung galaxy a9 pro fits easily into our pant pockets

Wong says:

Samsung A9pro is very good:)

ksj2511 says:

Bought the phone got 64gb Sd card. Cannot copy any app to SD card, none of the app settings have option to save to SD. I'm on marshmallow 6.0.1. I thought I could use SD for installing game apps what's app etc.. but no option. For what's app you have to move each file from my files to SD manually. The basic phone occupies almost 10 gb of the internal memory you are left out with 22. Not so happy with the buy…


I bought a9pro one month is great phone.i have a issue in play is giving connection timed out in WiFi,where as in mobile data there is no problem.please suggest me how to resolve the issue.

Somil xyz says:

Really! The fingerprint scanner doesn't work in sleep mode? Is that the usual feature of phones with fingerprint scanner?

dabangg says:

call quality and sound

josh lei gorgonio says:

this has a difficulty in putting inside in our jeans pocket. are there any ways to keep this device with us ?

aady rocks says:

Does A9 Pro has Theme support, Secure folder, VoLTE (Both SIM or Single SIM), Image mirroring??

Gmball Drwn says:

i am upgrading my phone and came from g3, in term of performance, display and camera is it a worthy upgrade?how about the display?is it stunning?displaynis important to me

Saketh Abhi says:

Keep up the work. Kindly review Moto Z Play.

Nar si says:

does it have MST for Samsung pay?

Kim Diana says:

Does it come with the Google Play app installed? Thank you

shubham kasar says:

finger print sensor doesnt work in sleep mode????

Santosh kumar says:

One plus 3 or A9 pro??? Performance is constraint!!

Beno Binny says:

R u from kochin?

Beno Binny says:

If u r planning for a give away.. u can give it to mere😜😝

stan2016 says:

Hi, I am confused between Samsung Galaxy A9 pro and the newly launched Huawei Honor 8.
Please advice which one should I buy.

Shanthi Bvp says:

Finally one plus 3 or A9?
without second thought please suggest any one

Adil Hasnain says:

Can you please suggest which to choose between A9 Pro and Oneplus 3?
Which one is better overall?

kartheek goje says:

nice gained a new subscriber:) ..does it support the always on mode that note7 has?

mobile lovers says:

pls cpz use coz here showing spndrg 650 not 652 pls chek nd upload video amny people in problume clear doubt pls

jitendra bobde says:

absence of gyro sensor affect any function ? plz reply need to buy mobile on 11 !

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