Samsung Galaxy Book 12″ Review

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Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Book 12” Windows 10 convertible tablet that competes with Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The Galaxy Book 12 is available from Verizon with LTE 4G, and it will available from a variety of retailers at the end of May 2017 in WiFi-only configurations. The tablet has an Intel Core i5-7200U 7th generation Kaby Lake CPU with Intel HD 620 graphics. It’s available in two configurations: 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD (the Verizon model is 4/128). The price starts at $1,129 for the base WiFi model. Since it has a Core i5, it does have a fan, but the tablet is generally silent and the fan, when on, is quiet.

The Galaxy Book has a 2160 x 1440 AMOLED display with full Adobe RGB coverage and extreme contrast and 10 bit HDR support. It supports the included S Pen (Wacom EMR) and both the keyboard folio and pen are included in the box. The Book has 2 USB-C 3.1 ports and ships with a USB-C adaptive fast charger. It weighs 1.58 lb/ 717g (tablet only) and 2.6lb. /1.2kg with keyboard. Samsung will also release a 10.6” model with an Intel Core m3 processor that starts at $630. The Galaxy Book 12” is worth a strong look for note takers and artists thanks to the excellent pen experience and wide color gamut.


MrFirstsunlight says:

Is it possible to make your own eraser? I know the original Wacom digitizer has an eraser attached the back of the pen. I suspect the technology is built into the screen. I wonder if someone can show me how to make an eraser so I can attach it to the back of this pen for convenience use.

Robert Sawyer says:

ive never had a tablet with a pen before. how is it for a lefty to write on? Appreciate the review!

jw2par says:

Can you do a video on a $300 desktop build for video editing ?

Pojosamaneo says:

Origami stands are so, so bad. I can't wait until these things get thin and light enough to have a decently sized solid base that can hold the screen up.

I'm a fan of OLED, too. I ended up buying a Spectre 360 because it was cheap and we're not at the point where these tablet laptops are optimal for me, but OLED screens are all I'm going to consider going forward. My TV and phone are already there.

Silmarieni C says:

It's really time for a 14 inch Surface Pro / Dell /Lenovo / Samsung

drjcpc says:

Can you do a smack down vs the Surface Pro 4? Thanks

Rusk Reeder says:

Your reviews are always world class. You are correct about the auto-brightness. Doesn't work well on my S2 tablet. Like your art.

clipfilmix says:

Hello from Spain Lisa, thanks for the review, I've been following you for many years but haven't commented since now. This is the first tablet that has caught my interest since I got a Vivotab 11" four years ago. I have two questions that concern me a bit. When you were talking about the side vents I was surprised that you said that these are for the speakers, as I was told that this tablet used fans for ventilation. I don't remember you commenting about the fan noise on the review, does it really have fans and do they produce audible noise while doing some artwork? My other question is if you have tried any other pen with two side buttons and eraser, like the old but very good UP-911. These old pens didn't work well with new spen enabled cell phones or tablets (too much parallax) but I use the two side buttons for my everyday work, so it will be a deciding factor for me as I guess Samsung will not make an alternative pen for now.

noor malik says:

pl help me need to gift my sister with a hybrid laptop. She gifted me with Microsoft pro 4. Pl tell me what should I get her now. I will be really obliged

Phil Nguyen says:

Is there possibly gonna be a AT&T or even better for me a Tmobile model? Cause screw Verizon. I wanna play starcraft 1 and some other light games where I can lol.

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