Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Review | Camera, Specs, Features, Verdict, and More

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Samsung is one of a few smartphone makers to have a wide presence across different price segments. It has multiple series aimed at different audiences at different price points, a strategy that has helped it claim the number one spot in India.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Specs:

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Hindi Comedy says:

very bad editing


how it is compare to one plus 3t??

Dheeraj A S says:

lol turbo charger, it takes 3 hrs to charge what a contradiction XD

Dheeraj A S says:

from your video we can see that it has very low fps

praneet pawar says:

Which is the best phone other than one plus 3t under 30k?

praneet pawar says:

Best phone under 30k other than one plus 3t

harlemdeni says:

The best YouTube channel for these kind of reviews. Cheers from Macedonia.

Pokemon Fan1 says:

do a full camera and gaming review of asphalt 8, nova legacy.

Sumit sharma says:

wat abt c7 pro camera??does it justify 16 MP Camera on both side?

Swapnil Sharma says:

Congratulations 💐💐💐
for 150k subscribers…
keep growing

suraj kumar says:

Lovely. Gaget 360

suraj kumar says:

Wow gaget 360

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